Kuching CMCO extended until Nov 27

Kuching CMCO Roadblock

KUCHING: The Sarawak state disaster management committee has agreed to extend the conditional movement control order (CMCO) in the Kuching district until Thursday (Nov 27).

The acting chairman of the committee, James Jemut Masing, said the decision was taken because in Kuching there were still 58 Covid-19 cases registered.

Infections are not targeted in some areas and as such, the CMCO in Kuching district is being extended until 27 November after risk assessment,” he said at the daily press conference.”

Kuching CMCO RoadBlock

The entry protocol and the 14-day quarantine were also extended until further notice for travellers entering Sarawak. He said that for Sarawakians, the state government would bear the quarantine cost; spouses who are not citizens of Sarawak would have to pay for themselves.

Masing said that travel in and out of the district of Kuching was also forbidden, with the exception of official matters and job purposes, by showing letters of permission or work passes from employers, while emergency cases are necessary to apply for a police permit.

Deputy Chief Minister Masing said that nurseries and kindergartens are permitted to operate in the red and yellow areas, according to the procedures provided by the Ministry of State Welfare.


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Kuching CMCO extended until Nov 27

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