KLIA among top 10 airports in the world


KLIA among the best airports in the world

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) has once again proven itself in the eyes of the world with its latest feat. Recently, the newest global airport survey revealed KLIA to be one of the top 10 airports in the world. The Malaysia-based airport has risen to the 9th rung for the first half of 2020 from 17th in 2019, among airports of similar capacity.

The Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey functions to pick out among the best airports around the world using a number of strict parameters. The survey is conducted by the esteemed Airports Council International. It plays an important role in setting service standards, protocols and operational guidelines for airports around the globe.

In a closer look, the airport achieved an improved overall score of 4.94 out of 5.00, from 4.69 previously. Moreover, the airport also scored a perfect 5.00 for the overall satisfaction by both business and leisure passengers, 4.99 for the cleanliness of the airport terminal and 4.97 for the availability of washrooms.

KLIA has risen to the 9th rung for the first half of 2020 from 17th in 2019.

Efforts made by MAHB for the latest achievement

In response to KLIA’s proud accomplishment, its operator Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) chief executive officer Datuk Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh expressed his gratitude that the airport had managed to overcome the new challenges caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and emerged victorious in both ranking and score. Moreover, he also attributed the rise in rankings to the rapid improvements implemented through its ‘#1improvement1week’ campaign since February 2018 at its airports nationwide. In fact, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) has managed to carry out 30 improvements at KLIA to date. Among all the improvements planned and implemented, safety initiatives are of utmost importance to re-instil passenger confidence in air travel.

Datuk Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh also applauded the spirit of collaboration among all the staff in facing the new normal requirements. He believed it was this steadfast commitment and continuous efforts by the KLIA team that managed to elevate KLIA’s overall service performance.

The establishment of operational excellence (OE) division in KLIA

However, he said the company would continue to work on improving the overall passenger’s experience. For example, MAHB has established an operational excellence (OE) division. The new division serves to examine all the possible troubles encountered in a passenger’s journey in the new normal. The OE team will then implement these improvements accordingly to ensure the best travel experience.

For instance, the OE team is currently studying the possibilities of minimizing bottlenecks in passenger flow at different checkpoints. This is because the processing time at various checkpoints had increased drastically with the new standard operating procedures in place.

On top of that, the OE team is also working hard on elevating the standards of hygiene throughout the terminal. This is to ensure that all passengers feel safe during their stay at the airport.

As of now, the team has successfully identified more than 60 improvement ideas at KLIA. MAHB has accepted and implemented among 50 of the ideas as quick-win solutions. They managed to identify these improvement ideas by conducting ‘empathy walks’. These walks shadowed actual passengers during their journey through the airport.

The new OE division will examine all the possible difficulties faced in a passenger’s journey in the new normal.

Background of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport was designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. Being one of the largest airports in Asia, it incorporates an Islamic-style shading roof anchored by massive columns. The roof resembles that of a common tree in the Malaysian rainforest. The lights on the canopy represent the filtered sun that shines between leaves. The main idea behind the design was to demonstrate the harmonious blending of modern design and cultural traditions.


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