KLCC Malaysia, the tallest twin towers in the whole of Southeast Asia

Petronas Twin Towers KLCC

Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC in Malaysia is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It not only is a business hub, but it also is a huge tourist destination. Literally, every tourist who travelled to Kuala Lumpur must have seen the towers once. As the saying goes, you have not explored Kuala Lumpur if you have not visited the towers.

Brief history

The construction for the Petronas Twin Towers began in the year of 1991. Argentinian born architect César Pelli was the one who designed the towers. The 88-storey towers consist of mainly reinforced concrete, with steel-and-glass facades to resemble Islamic motifs which were planned to reflect the official and the majority religion of Malaysia. The cross-section of the tower resembles Rub el Hizb, which further solidifies the Islamic motif in the tower design.

The construction took a total of 7 years to finish and went fully operational in the year 1998.

Towering heights

The towering height of Petronas Twin Towers was unrivalled from 1998 to 2004. This is because Taipei 101 came into existence in the country of Taiwan, which was taller by a total of 56 meters. However, the Petronas Twin Towers still remains as the tallest twin towers in the whole wide world today.

Today, it is still a primary symbol and icon of the city of Kuala Lumpur, together with the KL tower.

Selamat datang, tourists

As expected, KLCC is a huge itinerary that every tourist will visit. This is because there are much more to explore besides appreciating the grandeur of the towers. Things to explore include:

1) The sky bridge linking the two towers

There is a sky bridge that is made mainly out of glass and steel linking the two towers together. Since it is made mainly out of glass, you can have a birds-eye view of the entire city from the bridge. However, beware that if you have acrophobia (fear of heights), it will not be a fun experience.

2) Suria KLCC shopping centre

Offices are what the Petronas Twin Towers are mainly used for. However, there is a section at the bottom of the tower that acts as a shopping mall. In the mall, there are tons and tons of shops. Most of them are designer brands in which you can shop for your favourite Gucci bags, Bally shoes or even Patek Phillipe watches.

3) Petrosains

Petrosains, aka the Petronas Science Centre, is a very popular science museum in Malaysia. It mainly showcases the science behind petroleum and many other goodies. Once you purchase your tickets, you will be free to wander the multiple exhibits shown. It will be a very educational and fun experience for all ages from the young to the elderly.

Key takeaways

Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC is definitely one of the iconic gems in the whole of Malaysia. Visiting it will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will never get from any other place in the world.


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