KFC introduces autonomous 5G ‘food trucks’ in China

autonomous technology
While everyone around the world is still battling against the COVID-19 pandemic, the public is still encouraged to practice social distancing. One of the ways to practice social distancing is to opt for contactless payment and delivery as much as possible. These days, KFC appears to start deploying 5G autonomous vehicles in Shanghai, one of the biggest city in China. These autonomous vehicles allow customers to buy their finger-licking good meals without interaction with a human.

KFC autonomous vehicles

These automated vehicles do not have a specific name. Public spotted these vehicles in front of a metro station outside the city of Shanghai.


How to purchase from these autonomous vehicles?

From the looks of it, customers can place an order on the screen by scanning the QR-code on the vehicles. After that, the door of the vehicle will open the customers has made their payment.



autonomous technology

It turns out that these autonomous vehicles are from Neolix. At the same time, it appears to be similar to the 5G-connected vehicles used in the hospital in Thailand. The purpose of using these vehicles in Thailand is to encourage contactless delivery of medical supplies.

According to Forbes, Neolix supplies mini delivery vehicles in many areas. For instance, it supplies mini delivery for food sales, patrols and delivery. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was even used for the purpose of street disinfection. Besides KFC, the company is also said to be collaborating with Pizza Hut to provide a “restaurant on wheels” kind of service.


Details about Neolix autonomous vehicle

This Neolix vehicle support Level 4 autonomous driving. In addition, it can even detect and avoid obstacles as it has the sensor array technology. Moreover, its mileage can reach 100km on a single charge and the highest speed can go up to 50 kilometres per hour. When it comes to its battery, for a full-day operation, it can be swapped in 30seconds without any tools required.



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KFC deploys autonomous 5G ‘food trucks’ in China


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