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Following the announcement of “Batman” (Batman) that was postponed for a year due to the epidemic, Universal Studios also announced that the series of masterpiece “Jurassic World: Dominion” (Jurassic World: Dominion) was withdrawn from the original release next summer. Postponed for 1 year to June 10, 2022!

The third episode of the “Jurassic World” series “Jurassic World: Dominion” (Jurassic World: Dominion) is no exception. The film company announced the day before yesterday. It is believed that the director Colin Trevorrow confirmed yesterday that another employee had confirmed that another employee was diagnosed. According to the safety agreement, work must be suspended for two weeks.

The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is so strong that it has caused the global film industry to grieve. “Dwarf” director Colin Trevorrow also announced the news on the social networking site and released the first poster of the episode, and left a message saying: “In the past 3 months, I have worked with the extraordinary Cast and the team to look forward to For the movies shared by the world, we may have to wait a little longer, but it is worth it to keep everyone healthy and take care of each other.”

Colin Trevorrow

The heroine Bryce Dallas Howard later wrote an article expressing her support. “Thank the director for putting our health and safety as our priority”. She praised “Jurassic World 3” as her most exciting work since filming. Looking forward to completing the filming work as soon as possible.

The director of the film, Coliant Vero, explained via social media yesterday that several employees of the crew were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. “According to the safety charter, we must suspend work for two weeks.” At the same time, he uploaded a photo of a dinosaur wearing a mask. Many netizens left messages Cheer up.

Corriente Vero is the director of “Jurassic World 3”. Performed by original cast members. Including Beth Howard, Chris Pratt, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern, The filming started in February this year.

It was the first batch of works to resume filming before and after. However, on the first day of resumption of work at the Pinewood Studios in the UK in July, several employees were tested positive for the new crown virus. The film company formulated a 107-page safety manual, detailing all safety rules. Including staff members who arrive at the studio to receive infrared temperature measurement. Moreover, the restaurant will provide vacuum-packed lunch boxes. There are a large number of handwashing stations, safety signs, Medical staff, isolate the room. Furthermore, each takes their body temperature, wear a mask, and carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with them to maintain social distance.

Pinewood Studios

This ultra-high standard of epidemic prevention measures has caused the crew to spend millions of dollars on epidemic prevention work alone. Moreover, there are still three weeks to complete the filming work.

In addition to the first two episodes of actor and actress Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, “Jurassic Park” Ancestor actors Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum help out.

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