Johnny Depp ‘wife beater’ case gets ruling from UK judge on Nov 2

Johnny Deep 'wife beater' case gets ruling from UK judge in Nov 2
Johnny Deep 'wife beater' case gets ruling from UK judge in Nov 2

UK judge will give a ruling to decide whether the article in the Sun caused serious damage to the Hollywood Star Johnny Depp’s reputation. The outcome of his libel action will be found out on November 2 (Monday).

Johnny Depp, aged 57, has filed a lawsuit against News Group Newspapers, which is the publishers of the Sun and one of the company’s journalists, Dan Wootton. This is because the Sun had published a 2018 article stating that he had been violent towards his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. The article also labelled him as “wife beater”. These accusations had led to the questioning of his casting in the  Where To Find Them and Fantastic Beasts movie franchise.

Both Heard and Depp gave evidence before Judge Andrew Nicol during a three-week hearing at London’s High Court. In the hearing, they have exposed their tempestuous private lives and making declarations of consequential abuse, affairs and drug-taking.

Amber Heard delivers a statement outside London's High Court

Amber Heard delivers a statement outside London’s High Court

What Depp and Heard said in court

They met while making The Rum Diary in 2011 and got married in February  2015. However, Heard filed for divorce 15 months later.

Depp made a statement to the court that he was never violent to his ex-wife. He said that she was lying and that she had harmed him on multiple occasions. He proved that by mentioning that he lost a fingertip after she threw a vodka bottle at him during a brutal row once.

While Heard said after Depp debauch on drugs and alcohol, he would become a jealous alter ego person, “the monster”. She also told the hearings that he often threatened to kill her. She proved the statement by detailing 14 occasions of extreme violence. That includes he had punched, head-butted, choked, throttled and kicked her.

How’s the judgement going

Based on their confession, Nicol will decide and deliver his judgement on November 2 at 10 am (1000 GMT), said by the Judicial Press Office. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the judgement will be passed down remotely. Of course, the High Court will not carry out any event.

The UK judge will be deciding whether the Sun article brought “serious harm” to Depp’s reputation. The judge also had to decide whether the assertions made by the Sun were relatively true.

If Depp wins, he would only receive very considerable damages as it is confirmed that the Sun had made appalling assertions. However, if he loses, that means his reputation was totally damaged and he may struggle to land high-profile films in the future.


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UK judge to give ruling in Johnny Depp ‘wife beater’ case on Nov 2


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