Biden is just one state away from victory

Joe Biden
Fox said that Joe Biden only needs to win another state to become the next president of the United States.

At 5:50 am Malaysia time on Thursday, the Fox News website released the latest statistics, stating that Joe Biden won Michigan State with 16 candidate votes. Currently, 264 votes surpass Donald Trump’s 214 votes.

As of now, the states in the United States that have not had any votes are Nevada (6 votes), Pennsylvania (20 votes), South Carolina (15 votes), Georgia (16 votes) and Alaska (3 votes).

However, among these 5 states, the current vote rate shows that 4 states are led by Trump. Biden is only slightly ahead of Trump in Nevada.

Nevada state becomes the key

Nevada has counted 86% of the ballots, including all ballots that were voted in person on election day or in advance, and mailed ballots received earlier than November 2. However, the local election department announced earlier that the next ballot result will only be announced at 9 am local time on Thursday (1 am on Friday, Malaysia time) as it takes time to process votes received on and after the November election day.

In the 2016 general election, Trump won the Nevada state. Now that after 86% of the vote is counted, the Democratic candidate Biden is in the lead. Trump only has 48.7%. It depends on Nevada’s result to see whether it can “turn from red to blue”.

Biden and Vice President’s partner Kamala Harris said at a press conference in the afternoon of the 4th that he was confident that he would be elected President of the United States. Biden said, “I will govern the country as the President of the United States. We have no red state (Republican state) or blue state (Democratic state), but only one United States of America.”

Biden and Vice President’s partner Kamala Harris

Biden and Vice President’s partner Kamala Harris

Donald Trump’s tweet

Trump once declared a “Big WIN” on Twitter in the early morning of the 4th, and later publicly “declared his election”, demanding that the swing state that he maintains the lead stop counting votes. However, Trump fell behind by 213 to 238 votes. In fact, he only to gain an advantage in the states that have not yet determined the victory or defeat.

Unexpectedly, after Trump announced the “victory”, Biden actually stay ahead in the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada (6). As a result, even if Trump gets to win in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska, Biden can be elected as the 46th president of the United States if he wins Nevada.


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