Job Perks That Boost Employee Morale in Malaysia

Job Perks That Boost Employee Morale in Malaysia

How can a business run without its employees? The biggest mastermind can hatch out the best business plan. However, without employees, there will be no action. Therefore, it is very important that every business knows how to show their appreciation to their employees. Not only that, if you treat your employees well, they will have the motivation to bring your business to the next level. Here are the most popular job perks that boost employee morale in Malaysia.

Job Perks that boost employee morale in Malaysia

Job Perks That Boost Employee Morale in Malaysia: Taking time off

1. Plenty of time off

When you work hard, it’s nice to have an employer who lets you play hard, too, like Boston-based Metis Communications. In addition to three weeks of vacation time, staff members get their birthdays off and a bonus vacation week during the last week of December. After you’ve worked for the company for four years, you get the fourth week of vacation every year; after five years of employment, employees are eligible for Friday vacation days in the summer. A proper work-life balance is a hallmark of Metis’ company culture.

Job Perks That Boost Employee Morale in Malaysia: Office parties

2. Office parties

At San Francisco-based music app developer Smule, employees can bring their instruments to the office for the company’s weekly jam sessions. There are also various holiday parties, including a Halloween costume party, Thanksgiving lunch, Wednesday game nights and monthly karaoke party.

“This year we celebrated the Lunar New Year, making dumplings together,” said Sharon Negev, Smule’s head of human resources. “We believe that developing a strong sense of belonging for employees from diverse backgrounds makes our experience as employees and humans more meaningful.”

Job Perks That Boost Employee Morale in Malaysia: Onsite health services

3. On-site health services

In addition to standard health insurance benefits, Steelcase takes care of its employees’ health at the office. The design and manufacturing company has an on-site well-being hub where employees can make appointments with a massage therapist or registered nurse. The company also offers “healthier home meal” ingredient stations in its cafeterias where employees can prep a meal to cook at home instead of visiting a drive-through after work. Steelcase also hosts Curious Minds, a series of lectures on topics like personal wellness and eldercare.

Job Perks That Boost Employee Morale in Malaysia: Mental health support

4.  Mental health support

Capital One Financial is another company that cares for its workers’ well-being, including their mental health. The company’s employee assistance program provides counselling services, either in person or by phone, as well as informational services to help with big changes like moving or having a baby.

5. Continuing education

As the cost of higher education continues to rise beyond what many people can afford, companies are offering tuition assistance as a perk of employment. For example, at Starbucks – known to many people as one of the household-name companies with the best employee benefits — eligible employees can take advantage of the company’s college achievement plan to earn a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program, with full tuition reimbursement.

In 2017, Starbucks expanded the plan with its new Pathway to Admission Program, which gives academically ineligible employees another chance to qualify. ASU support specialists work with employees to help them qualify by identifying which courses they need. They can then take up to 10 freshman-level courses tuition-free as many times as needed.

Massages and yoga

6. Massages and yoga

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the office environment and company culture are designed to support employees’ mental and emotional well-being. Unsurprisingly, offices have healthy food options for the staff. They also have employee perks such as weekly massages and yoga classes available during work hours. This is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, happy, and creative throughout the workday.

Freedom and funding to travel

7. Freedom (and funding) to travel

Travel booking company HotelTonight gives employees the chance to travel for free or enjoy a cost-cutting employee discount through hotel credits. HotelTonight employees have a chance to win an impromptu free vacation through monthly ‘spin-the-wheel’ events.  They are also eligible for a flexible vacation time, which lets them experience the HotelTonight app and stay in partner hotels.

Key takeaways

Every bonus perk you have counts. Not every employee has the experience of being appreciated for the work they have done. Therefore, if you manage to give them job perks that boost employee morale in Malaysia, they will definitely thank you for that.


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