iPhone 12 has 5G, but do we need it?


iPhone 12

Apple gave users a good reason to buy the new iPhone 12 last week, just like every year. The camera is better and the processor is better. The display with “ceramic shield” technology is more durable, and there is even the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro. There are now four new models to choose from instead of three. The entire phone has redesigned for the first time since 2017. Oh, did you hear that? All phones in the iPhone 12 series are also equipped with 5G.

Last Tuesday, next-generation cellular technology took the lead in Apple’s virtual iPhone launch. Apple showed us its secret cushioned darkroom, where it tested 5G airwaves. It also talked about adjustments to improve the battery life of the 5G iPhone. It even eliminated Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg and introduced the operator’s low-band, nationwide 5G network. (On stage, he did keep his distance from Apple CEO Tim Cook.)

However, like everyone else in the wireless industry, Apple actually still hasn’t given us a reason to require 5G in our current mobile phones. Even if it’s the RM3,399 iPhone 12 Mini, the RM3,899 iPhone 12, or the RM4,899 iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max for RM5,299.

It keeps the prices of the two high-end devices stable, but compared to last year’s iPhone 11, the cost of the iPhone 12 has increased by $100. At the same starting price, users can now get a device with a smaller display-the Mini replaces the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 with a 5.4-inch display.

This all goes back to a broader problem that has plagued the wireless industry since 5G was first introduced two years ago.

is 5G really faster than 4G?

Of course, the speed of 5G has improved, but the growth that most consumers are seeing is not enough to cause real impact (in some cases, 5G connections are not faster than 4G). Operators have greatly expanded their networks, but the quality of service will vary greatly depending on where you live. With the novel coronavirus putting many of us on the shelf, the idea of ​​achieving higher speeds on the road becomes irrelevant. In the end, 5G is expected to become a game changer, but for many consumers now, this is just an additional cost.

Edward Jones equity analyst Logan Purk said:

“There’s no killer app for why you need to upgrade to 5G beyond it’s just faster than 4G.”

“For the average consumer, that’s not a strong enough selling point to move into these higher-priced handsets and pay up for that technology.”

Currently, everyone continues to pay attention to speed. As Cook pointed out on Tuesday, 5G “will bring new levels of performance to downloads and uploads, higher quality video streaming, more sensitive games [and] real-time interactivity.” He added that because people can use 5G The network replaces public Wi-Fi connections, so security and privacy can be improved.

Cook said in his keynote speech:

“Today is the beginning of a new era for iPhone.”

“This is a huge moment for all of us.”

For many people, the fact that Apple completely owns the new iPhones is enough to buy them. The company (perhaps more than any other company on the planet) has a loyal fan base and is upgrading every year. However, it is the rest of us who have been using our phones for three years to attract Apple.

It may depend on consumers looking for 5G mobile phones to “guarantee the future”. 5G may not be ubiquitous now, but when people are ready for the next device, it will become very common. Although the first 5G phones are restricted by the networks they can access, newer 5G modems can enable unlocked phones and can use all different types of technology.

Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said that if you bought a 5G phone last year, then you will not be out of date. “But now you can buy 5G with confidence.”

5G, ready or not

The entire iPhone 12 product lineup has adopted a new design, reminiscent of Apple’s iPad Pro tablet computer. The flat side gives the iPhone a new feel for the first time in three years. All models are equipped with a new ultra-sturdy front cover monitor designed by Corning, called a “ceramic shield.” Apple says it is “tougher than any smartphone glass.” If it is dropped, it’s four times less likely to break. The new phone is equipped with Apple’s updated A14 Bionic, which is the same chip as the new iPad Air. Their camera functions are also obtrusive.

Regardless of whether your area has 5G service, all new iPhone 12 models are not equipped with 5G connectivity. Anyone who wants a device that only supports 4G must choose an older model. For instant, the RM1,999 iPhone SE or last year’s iPhone 11, which is now price at RM2,899. Or, you can choose not to activate the 5G service on the new iPhone 12 and benefit from the faster 4G capabilities in the device.

This follows the same strategy that Samsung introduced earlier this year. Starting from its Galaxy S20 series, all Samsung’s new flagship phones. Provide 5G connectivity in the United States. However, outside the United States, Samsung still offers 4G models, which ultimately hurt its position in 5G sales.

This is not the case with iPhone 12. All markets will have 5G iPhones. However, only the US version will be able to connect to ultra-fast (but short-range) millimeter wave networks.

According to Strategy Analytics, although Samsung has released more than a dozen 5G mobile phones since the launch of its first device in early 2019, this year’s 5G mobile phone shipments will fall to third place. Apple, which has sold less than three months, will rank second, second only to Huawei. The company said that next year Apple will become the world’s largest supplier of 5G mobile phones, mainly because all its new iPhones are 5G by default.

“There is no demand for 5G phones, only push from operators and vendors.”

Strategy Analytics analyst Ville-Petteri Ukonaho said: “There is no demand for 5G phones, only push from operators and vendors.”

“If people have a choice, they’ll still go for 4G because there’s no need for 5G. It doesn’t bring anything so revolutionarily new to the table that people want 5G phones.”

According to Strategy Analytics, by 2020, all mobile phone suppliers will ship about 273 million 5G mobile phones in total. The company said that next year Apple will ship 180 million 5G iPhones out of the 670 million 5G phones in the market.

Although Apple and operators will do everything they can to ensure that 5G works properly. However, it is not up to them to make us want it. Ultimately, this will depend on the developers and their actual handling of 5G, which will make it a must. Keep in mind that Apple’s advocacy of 4G has helped popularize apps like Uber and Airbnb or services. Such as real-time streaming-many people hope that 5G will achieve the same effect.

Cook said:

“Each generation of cellular network technology on iPhone has enabled breakthrough innovations and entirely new opportunities for developers and our users.”

“And 5G is the most exciting step yet.”

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iPhone 12 has 5G, but we’re still not sure if we even need it

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