Introducing PUBG season 9 with new Paramo map

PUBG season 9
PUBG season 9

Developer PUBG Corporation has officially announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming up with Season 9 on October 21 and October 29 for Stadia, PlayStation4 and Xbox One. It’s an update with a brand-new map, Paramo alongside with survival pass and new ranked season. Besides, The update also includes new tricks to get the best equipment as well as quality-of-life and new skin improvements.

The Paramo map

Season 9 new map: Paramo map

Season 9 new map: Paramo map

The new map, Paramo map is a 3×3 land surrounded by gloomy clouds in the South American highlands. It is a dynamic world that is constantly changing and evolving where the locations of major landmarks differ between matches. There are rivulets of molten lava flowing across the land and new obstacles for players to avoid. When players are outside the Blue Zone in the map, they need to deal with extra damage and this may cause instant death. Unlike other maps, players can roam around outside the boundaries of the playable area. However, a warning will display on screen and failure to immediately go back to the playable area will result in instant death.

The developer decided to test the player’s skills as a survivalist. Intelligent players can take the chance to benefit from their opponents and potentially set up hazardous kill boxes.

New features

Since PUBG Corporation has added new dangers to the update, it also added a few new options to deal with the map’s inherent danger. The Critical Response Kit revives downed players in just one second. In the meantime, Paramo who is surrounded by gloomy clouds let players drop onto the land from a support helicopter. This can cause enough destruction as the support helicopter who transports cargo box can be dropped and looted earlier in each match.

In Paramo, there are multiple streams of lava flow from active volcanoes, showing the unique environment jeopardy as players travel across the map. When players remain to step on the lava, it causes continuous damage that can lead to a quick death. Meanwhile, riding a Motorcycle into the lava will destroy the tires and slowly burn the vehicle.

In PUBG Season 9, it introduces a new Ranked Solo queue that eliminates the Red Zone and adds more pillage in the ranked season. Moreover, the update also includes a survivor pass named Highlands that awards a player Paramo-themed prize. Unlike previous PUBG seasons, this season’s Highlands last for 2 months with a total of 50 levels.


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PUBG Season 9 Is Out Now On PC, Adds New Paramo Map


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