International Business: T-Mobile continues growth with new earnings beat

International Business: T-Mobile growth fast

International Business: T-Mobile’s growth streak was fast and continues quickly. Its company report that in its fourth-quarter earnings report on Thursday.

Continue to shine

T-Mobile beat analyst estimates that there will be an increase in both earnings per share and revenue. The amount will be in while adding another 824,000 phone customers.

Earning will be continued

The carrier reported that earnings per share of 60 cents on revenues of $20.3 billion for the quarter. Yahoo finance poll that their expectation in earnings per share of 51 cents with revenue of $19.93 billion.

For the year, the carrier adds 5.5 million postpaid net additions. Which is  2.2 million were phone users.

Furthermore, postpaid customers, who pay at the end of the month, are valued more highly by the investment community as a key metric for success. 

Outstanding performance

The CEO said that the results show that they are pulling way ahead of the pack on what matters. In terms of the overall 5G network performance and executing to stay ahead.

He continues to say that 2020 was quite simply for their best year. In addition, with the highest ever total postpaid net additions of 5.5 million.

Business Climb Up

The past year was a tough year for T-Mobile. This is because it started off 2020 looking to wrap up its merger with Sprint.

However, the deal closed in April, and  Sievert then takes over the CEO role who initially was going to step down in May.

International Business: T-Mobile growth fast

The past year was a tough year for T-Mobile. This is because it started off 2020 looking to wrap up its merger with Sprint.

Largest US wireless carrier

T-Mobile also continues to develop and expand its 5G network on both the low-band and mid-band flavours.

Besides, the company will now cover 280 million people with its faster midland service (which it calls “Ultra Capacity 5G”).

The company is currently in the process of migrating Sprint users onto its T-Mobile network.


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