Innovation technology: Vibrating 2D materials

Innovation technology: Vibrating 2D materials

Innovation technology: Current electronic components in computers, mobile phones, and many other devices are based on microstructured silicon carriers. However, this technology own limitation.

2D materials

Two-dimensional (2D) materials are extremely thin films consisting of only one layer of atoms. It is also known as graphene, which is an atomically thin layer of graphite.

Composition of graphene

In fact, graphene consists purely of carbon. There are many other 2D compounds that are having special optical and electronic properties.

Application of graphene

The using of solar cells, in micro-and optoelectronics, in composite materials, catalysis. Besides, in various types of sensors and light detectors, and in biomedical imaging.

Innovation technology: Vibrating 2D materials

The using of solar cells, in micro-and optoelectronics, in composite materials, catalysis

Light energy can cause2D materials vibrate

For the function of 2D compounds, one exploits their special properties. It is important to know how they react to excitation with light.

In principle, 2D materials are electronically excited just like ordinary silicon solar cells when sufficient light energy hits them. However, the energy can cause the atomically thin layer to vibrate at the same time. This in turn influences the optoelectronic properties.

The strength of exciton-phonon coupling 

Till now, it was unknown how strongly light excites such oscillations in a 2D material at room temperature.

However, in an international collaboration, a team has succeeded for the first time in determining the strength of the oscillation excitation upon light absorption in a 2D material.

In fact, the quantity, known in technical jargon as exciton-phonon coupling strength. It is difficult to determine at room temperature, the absorption spectrum is very much ‘smeared out’ and no individual spectral lines can be separated.


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