Innovation technology: Turbocharging desktop PCs

Innovation technology: Turbocharging desktop PCs

Innovation technology: Researchers from the University of Sussex’s School o used the latest Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) to give a single desktop PC the capacity. In order to simulate brain models of almost unlimited size.

Nature Computational Science

Presently, the researchers believe this innovation can help to carry on large-scale brain simulation. In fact, it including the investigation of neurological disorders.

Expensive price range

Currently, the cost of supercomputers is expensive. It is only affordable to very large institutions and government agencies. Thus, it is very hard to access for large numbers of researchers.


Besides cheaper in the costs of a supercomputer. The simulations run on the desktop PC can save energy and bringing significant sustainability.

It can also help solve problems that biological brains excel and there is also a potential for developing new types of neuromorphic hardware. Hence, building the ground up for procedural connectivity.

Izhikevich’s technique

In fact, the researchers also apply this technique to a modern GPU. This will help to create a cutting-edge model of a Macaque’s visual cortex.

The researchers’ GPU will accelerate the increase of neural network simulator. It will also use the large amount of computational power available on a GPU. The function is to generate connectivity and synaptic weights.

Innovation technology: Turbocharging desktop PCs

The researchers’ GPU will accelerate the increase of neural network simulator.

Development in brain research

In a nutshell, large-scale simulations of spiking neural network models are an important tool for improving our understanding of the dynamics and ultimately the function of brains.

In fact, this research is a game-changer for computational Neuroscience and AI researchers. They can now simulate brain circuits on their local workstations.


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Desktop PCs run simulations of mammals’ brains


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