Innovation Technology: Artificial emotional intelligence

Innovation Technology: Artificial emotional intelligence

Innovation Technology: With the coming of 5G communication technology and its collaboration with AI, A new era is coming in which people, machines, objects, and devices are connected like never before.

AI threatening

In contrast, such a technological revolution is that AI itself can use to attack or threaten the security of the 5G-enabled systems.

In fact, it can greatly compromise their reliability. It is, therefore, imperative to investigate such potential security threats and explore countermeasures before a smart world is realized.


In a recent study, research on the 5G-integrated virtual emotion recognition system. It detects human emotions using wireless signals and body movement.

Emotions can also disturb the normal functioning of a society and put people’s lives in danger.

For example, an unstable driver, the AI will allow the driver system of the car can inform the nearest network towers. Therefore, pedestrians can know via their personal smart devices.

Detect much emotion

The virtual emotion system can recognize at least five kinds of emotion. For example, joy, pleasure, a neutral state, sadness, and anger.

There are also three subsystems dealing with the detection of human emotions. The system relies on the reflection of wireless signals from a human subject to detect emotions.


This AI enables the flow of specific emotion information at a specific time to a specific area.

Innovation Technology: Artificial emotional intelligence

This AI enables the flow of specific emotion information at a specific time to a specific area.


It utilizes a large amount of this virtual emotion data to create a virtual emotion map that can be utilized for threat detection and crime prevention.

Advantage of 5G-I-VEmoSYS

Emotion detection without revealing the face or other private parts of the subjects, thereby protecting the privacy of citizens in public areas.

Furthermore, in private areas, it gives the user the choice to remain anonymous while providing information to the system.


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Artificial emotional intelligence: a safer, smarter future with 5G and emotion recognition


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