Information Technology: Checklist for smartphone security

Information Technology: Checklist for smartphone security
There are some simple steps you can follow to secure your information on your smartphone. There are few warning signs to look out for to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

Establish a lock screen

The lock screen is essential. This is because it can act as the first barrier against unauthorized access.

Using the PIN code or a biometric feature (like pressing down a fingerprint or showing a face) is the most common safety measure to avoid information leaking. However, make sure to protect the handset with something.

Avoid any possible spyware

It is important that never download any apps from any place other than the operating system’s official app store. To spy the info on the phone, someone would need to physically access your phone and install a monitoring app.

Besides, they will also trick you to clink in the link. Therefore, it always needs to be careful about what to click on. Furthermore, prevent anyone to use your smartphone.

Sharing Content

Apple and Google make it easy for you to share your location, photos, and calendars with other people. This sort of sharing is something that might cause the leaking of personal information.

In fact, google Families allow the notes and calendars marked as accessible by everyone.

No one in the family can see any personal files unless you specifically share them, but if you want to leave a family group, open up the Play Store app on Android.

Information Technology: Checklist for smartphone security

Avoid using passwords that are closest to you such as names, birthdays, and pet names.

Protect accounts

Recently, hacking these services has been arguably an easier route into your data than physically accessing your phone.

Therefore, protect your  Apple or Google account is important. By using the usual password rules, it can protect the account safely.

For example, don’t repeat credentials across multiple accounts and make sure they’re easy for you to remember.


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Here’s your checklist for maximum smartphone security


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