Indonesia covid-19 cases explore as hospital strain

Indonesia covid-19
Students adjust their face masks during a class at Daarul Rahman Islamic Boarding School in Jakarta.

JAKARTA: On Monday, Indonesia reached a grim milestone in surpassing more than half a million coronavirus cases, as hospitals were closer to capacity across the most populous province in the world.

Indonesia now has 502,110 infections and 16,002 deaths from Covid-19. The highest number in Southeast Asia since the first case in March, having struggled to control the outbreak.

Experts in public health claim that monitoring and touch tracing failures and a consistently high rate of positivity suggest that the actual numbers are likely to be considerably higher.

Some reached the milestone of glum resignation in the capital of Jakarta, where relatively loose social constraints would remain in effect until December 6.

Ahmad Rozali, a clothing trader at the Tanah Abang market, said the government isn’t serious and people are getting tired.”

Another trader, Dewi Nuraini, 45, who described the economy as “crumbling,” said There’s an air of fear among the people.”

“If we want to start a company,” she said, “it’s going to hit a dead end.”

Indonesia covid-19

Indonesia Hospital

So far in November, Indonesia has reported a daily total of nearly 4,000 new cases. With an increase in some provinces straining hospitals on the main island of Java.

Occupancy at 27 referral hospitals was 88.8 percent on Monday in Bandung, the capital of West Java. A province of nearly 50 million people, City Secretary Ema Surmana told Reuters. With 698 of the 786 beds taken for coronavirus patients.

Furthermore, West Java epidemiologist Panji Fortuna Hadisoemarto said local and national trends of transmission suggest that the war against the virus in Indonesia is far from over.

It doesn’t necessarily happen anywhere if it occurs in West Java,” he said.”

“But looking at the trend, in all provinces, it is still growing… Nowhere has it reached its peak.”

According to an internal health ministry document seen by Reuters, the occupancy rate of West Java in its Covid-19 wards was 73 percent. It also hovering above 70 percent were the provinces of Banten and Central Java.

The Ministry did not respond immediately to a request for comment on those tariffs.

Earlier on Monday, Covid-19 task force head Doni Monardo said more should be done to ensure that hospital occupancy does not increase further.


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Indonesia hits half million Covid-19 cases as hospitals strain

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