Hulu’s new animated TV show: Marvel’s MODOK


Marvel’s MODOK is an animated comedy done in the stop-motion style of classics such as Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. It will soon join Hulu’s Helstrom, a live-action supernatural thriller. The cast and crew of Marvel’s MODOK shown the public a first look at the series during the New York Comic Con’s digital Metaverse event. This is because they want to provide fans with an idea of exactly what’s in store for the off-beat streaming TV.

Who are MODOK and his family?

Patton Oswalt star this show as MODOK while Aimee Garcia as his wife Jodie. Moreover, Ben Schwartz will star as MODOK’s son Lou and Melissa Fumero as his daughter Melissa.

According to Patton Oswalt, MODOK is a supervillain who not only hates superheroes, he hates every other supervillain too. So, it’s a double-barreled resentment all the way down. However, his son, the lab-created Lou and daughter, Melissa is exactly the opposite of him. Lou is unlike everyone in his family while Melissa has daddy issues and was eager to follow his father’s supervillain footsteps, said by the cast of Lou and Melissa.

Next, MODOK’S wife Jodie is a mommy blogger, career woman and a successful entrepreneur. The panel has an exclusive clip that shows Jodie hoping for his husband to give up his supervillain lifestyle. This is because Jodie that is currently having an ideal financial state believes that she can support the family on her own. Naturally, MODOK who does not like to change disagree with the idea.

What Marvel’s MODOK is about?

The show mainly centres around MODOK’s villainous organization, AIM. It goes through some hard times where the organization is bankrupt and a Silicon Valley tech firm has acquired them to keep them afloat. In the show’s co-creator, Jordan Blum words,  “MODOK is suddenly forced to sit through things like HR meetings.”

MODOK is attempting to balance his evil organization, AIM with his home life. In the beginning, the audience will learn that MODOK is a very neglectful husband. But as he struggles at work, his wife has become a successful entrepreneur and this had caused doubts in their relationship.

A first look at Marvel’s MODOK

As for now, Hulu hasn’t announced Marvel’s MODOK official release date. It will be “coming soon” to Hulu.

Hulu has released three photos from the upcoming animated series Marvel’s MODOK for the first time. Patton Oswalt (AP Bio, Reno 911!) and Jordan Blum (American Dad!, Community) have co-created the photos. The photos were sent in a tweet through Twitter.


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