Huawei smartphone market share expected slump to 4% next year

Huawei smartphone market share

SHENZEN: The global smartphone market share of Huawei Technologies Co is predicted to fall to just 4 percent in 2021. A precipitous decrease for the company that ranked as the world leader in shipments this summer.

This year, China’s telecommunications giant will account for 14% of the market. Then it may drop to less than a third of that, researchers from TrendForce said Tuesday.

In addition, the US government’s prolonged sanctions campaign against Huawei has resulted in the company losing access to key software, chip design and manufacturing partners, depriving it of its technological edge.

After that, according to an article posted on TrendForce’s WeChat account, the Honor budget phone division that Huawei recently announced it is selling to a government-backed consortium in Shenzhen will take 2% of the market next year, constrained by its own part shortages and speculation about sanctions.

The forecast points to other existing Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi Corp and Oppo, stepping in to fill Huawei’s gap, benefiting from iPhone sales from Apple Inc.

The rest of China’s smartphone manufacturers, together with the newly independent Honor. They are likely to expand production goals and fight aggressively for the newly vacated space, TrendForce said.


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Huawei smartphone market share expected to slump to just 4% next year

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