How to wear a medical mask

How to wear a medical mask

It is important to wear a medical mask to protect yourselves from the coronavirus and avoid unwanted accident to happen.


Clean your hands

Before touching a clean medical mask, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Wet your hands, apply soap, and rub each other for at least 20 seconds before rinsing them off.

Dry your hands with a clean paper towel, and then throw the paper towel into the trash can. You can open or close the door with the wiped tissue first, and then throw them away

Check the medical mask for defects

After taking out a new unused mask from the box, be sure to check for blemishes, holes or cracks. If there is, throw it away and take a new unused mask.

Correctly identify the top of the mask

In order to make the mask as close to the skin as possible, there is a hard strip that can be bent at will along the contour of the nose on the top of the mask. Before putting on the mask, make sure the bendable side is facing up.

Make sure the right side is facing out

Most medical masks are white on the inside and other colors on the outside. Before putting on a mask, make sure that the white side is facing your face.

Put on a mask

There are many types of medical masks, and the way to wear each is different.

Ear straps — Some masks have ear straps on both sides, usually made of elastic material, so they can be stretched. Pick up the ear strap with both hands and hang it on both ears.

Straps — Some masks have straps for you to tie behind your head. Most masks have straps on the upper and lower edges. Take the upper edge straps and wrap them around the back of your head to tie a bow.

Headband-Some masks have two elastic bands that can be pulled behind the head instead of hanging over the ears. Hold the mask in front of you, pull the elastic band on the upper edge over your head and place it on top of your head. Then pull the elastic band on the lower edge over your head and place it on the back of your head.

Adjust the nose clip

After putting on the medical mask, use your index finger and thumb to pinch the bendable hard strip around the bridge of the nose

If necessary, fasten the lower edge of the mask

If the mask has straps on top and bottom, you can now tie the lower edge straps to the back of your head. Since adjusting the nose clip will affect the fit of the mask, it is best to adjust the nose clip before tying the lower edge straps. If you have already tied the lower edge straps, you can re-tighten them as needed

Fit the mask to the face and under the chin

After fixing the mask thoroughly, adjust it slightly so that it covers the face and mouth, and pull the lower edge under the chin.

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