How To Track Employee Performance in Malaysia

How To Track Employee Performance in Malaysia

You’ve started up your business and it is running smoothly even after a few months after you have learnt how to increase productivity. However, you suddenly feel the need to know about how well your employees are performing. Either because you want to reward those who are doing well or because you feel there are some that like procrastinating. Here is how to track employee performance in Malaysia.

Factors to evaluate the performance

First of all, you have to know the factors that can be used to evaluate their performance.

1. Quality of work

Look at the work the employee in question has produced over the evaluation period. Was it well done? Was it thorough? Is every detail thought through? Were there any mistakes? You can consider feedback from clients or team members on the quality of the work and think about whether the employee’s work fits the standard of your business.

2. Execution

Look at how well your employee organizes, schedules, and completes tasks; how they manage their time; how creative they are; and how they communicate with their team members. Are they largely self-sufficient and able to complete their work on time, or do they require significant assistance or handholding on their tasks? Is their work considered “high-level”?

3. Progress

Look at the employee’s performance in the evaluation period. Have they met their goals from their previous evaluation? Have they grown in their role? Did they acquire new skills? It is reasonable to expect positive growth and development between evaluations.

4. Adaptability

Does the employee handle change positively? Are they receptive to new ideas or adjustments? Do they demonstrate an ability to modify their working style or processes? Consider how the employee responded to previous goals that you set with them – did they make the necessary adjustments to meet their goals? [Read related article: Resilient and Adaptable Teams Are Key to Business Success]

5. Initiative

Look at how the employee pursues their goals and responsibilities. Do they take it upon themselves to meet their objectives, or do they require some prodding? Do they demonstrate an eagerness to tackle goals or new responsibilities? Are they showing a desire to excel at their job?

6. Communication

Does the employee share their thoughts and ideas effectively? Do they listen to others well? How well do they take direction and feedback? Can they clearly convey their thoughts in both speaking and writing?

7. Job knowledge

Does the employee display an acceptable level of knowledge regarding their specific role? Do they have the technical, administrative or specialized knowledge necessary to perform well? Are they willing and able to expand their job-specific knowledge?

8. Problem-solving and decision-making

Can the employee effectively identify a problem and devise an appropriate solution? Can they quickly make and execute decisions? Do they get overwhelmed in the face of problems? Can they delegate and bring in outside assistance if necessary?

How to track and manage employee performance in Malaysia

One of the most popular ways to track and manage employee performance is through software. Performance management software provides a central base where you and your company’s other managers can input and track information on employee performance and easily access it when it’s time to sit down for reviews. These are some of the most popular performance evaluation software providers:

How To Track Employee Performance in Malaysia: 7Geese


7Geese provides people management software that allows you to set performance expectations, gather feedback, launch surveys, utilize staff analytics and run performance reviews, all on one easy-to-use platform.

How To Track Employee Performance in Malaysia: BambooHR


BambooHR offers multi-rater feedback, a goal management tool, automated reminders, and a visual matrix tool that shows you how your employees stack up. Its open API allows it to integrate with other HR software.

How To Track Employee Performance in Malaysia: Cornerstone


Cornerstone is a user-friendly, automated performance management system that allows your team to engage in a customizable review process and connect with each other to gather multiple points of feedback.



UltiPro by Ultimate Software is a comprehensive performance management tool with many customization options, educational opportunities, career development tools and easy goal-setting capabilities.

Key takeaways

By tracking employee performance, you allow yourself as the owner the ability to reward the employees that have been working hard and warn the employees that have been slacking. Not only that, but you can easily boost your business’ productivity by a lot.


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