How to Start a Fashion Brand

How to Start a Fashion Brand

There are ways to start a fashion brand. First, decided the target audience and following by the source of current band clothing products like OEM, self-production or produce a part by ourselves, and OEM the rest.

Target audience

First of all, you need to decide where you want to create your own clothing brand (menswear or womenswear, suitable for the age group, suitable for the crowd, because to be a clothing brand, you can’t make clothing suitable for everyone. Now the clothing must be specialized One, that is, the positioning style is clear. A good brand should give people a very clear product style as soon as it is mentioned. For example, Sanguiniao gives people a sophisticated and comfortable suit, and Shanshan gives people a very orthodox suit. People are jackets, and Jiumuwang is an expert in trousers. White-collar workers give people high-end business women’s clothing, etc. Your own brand also needs positioning). Then, you register a brand name, and of course the logo is a trademark. Next, register a company.

Then, you have your product. Generally, there are several sources of current brand clothing products


Some clothing design and development companies, they design a series of samples, and then you choose products, order a certain amount of goods, and bring your trademark registration certificate, copy of business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate All other documents are handled by the design company. Advantages: save trouble. Disadvantages: high risk (because all orders are easy to cause inventory) inconvenient replenishment or even inability to replenish goods (this is more fatal) product style is not clear (after all, it is someone else’s thing), the cost is higher (others also earn money)


This is more complicated, hiring designers, pattern makers, lathes, but also involves fabrics, accessories, and production. Advantages: flexible and convenient, strong autonomy. Disadvantages: management is more troublesome and investment is large

Produce a part by ourselves, and OEM the rest.

Currently this method is adopted by many big brands.

Again, yours has a unified image of a counter, a good image can get twice the result with half the effort. By the way, you have to apply for a general taxpayer qualification certificate if you want to enter a high-end shopping mall. Finally, don’t forget to make a quality inspection report for the garment, which is required when entering the cabinet. And if you want to grow the brand. The marketing work after listing is also an extremely important link. If a mid-range brand has 3 to 5 self-operated stores, the investment is about 500,000-800,000 depending on the location of your store.

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