How to save money

How to save money
Are you worrying about not having enough money every month, and the salary is always so low? The monthly salary deducts rent, transportation and living expenses, and only a few hundred yuan is left in the end? Here are 5 super fast deposit methods. The dream of saving 10K a year is achievable!

Deposit RM20 every day

Does this habit seem simple? But it is difficult to stick to it every day! I don’t know if you have noticed that more and more people don’t have the habit of saving money, and over time they become the moonlight clan. Suppose you deposit RM20 a day, RM140 a week, and RM560 a month. If you want to reach your savings goal more quickly, you can increase your deposit, such as depositing RM25 every day. You want to be more determined that you can have the motivation to save money, you can put the money in the box and promise yourself that you will not use the money. If you don’t want to save money for too long, you can choose to save for 6 months or 3 months. As long as you deposit RM20 regularly every day, the accumulated amount will be unexpected!

532 Deposit Method

This golden ratio can help you allocate salary, 50% is necessary for living expenses, 20% is your own savings, and 30% is entertainment expenses. To save money, you have to set a goal for yourself, such as traveling, investing, or buying what you want. If you just keep saving money without knowing how to spend it on yourself, then life will be meaningless. Deduct 50% of salary to pay for the necessary expenses of life, such as rent, transportation and insurance, and treat 30% of salary as entertainment expenses. On weekends, you can invite friends to eat, watch a movie or go shopping, buy something to reward yourself, and let yourself enjoy it, instead of saving money until you are unhappy. If there is no entertainment on the day of saving money, your life will be very depressed and sad. The next 20% of your salary is your own savings. You can keep saving every day or buy a trust fund and deduct a fixed amount every month. This is also a good way to save money.


In fact, the best way to save money is to make money. If you want to make more income, you can use your free time to do part-time jobs, such as writing, photography, illustration, or yoga instructor. The student party can use the summer vacation or time outside of class to work outside, such as serving as a waiter and salesman, which is also a way to make money. If you are already working friends, you can use the time after work to hone your hobbies and turn your hobbies into a second source of income.

Second-hand auction

When you have things that you don’t need or use, you can put them on the Internet and sell them. It’s like keeping these things at home and it’s useless. At least you can make a little money back if you sell them. You can use some websites to sell your own things, such as carousell and I have tried to use to auction things before. Just leave your contact information or email on the website so that interested people can contact you.


Keeping accounts sounds simple, but it is not easy to keep track of daily expenses. You can use mobile apps to keep track of your expenses, or use your handbook. After a few months of bookkeeping, you can get a clearer understanding of what you spend the most and least, allowing you to adjust your money budget. I actually found myself spending the most money on drinks when I was keeping accounts. I like to buy cold drinks when the weather is hot, or I often go out to drink milk tea with friends on weekends. After that, I decided to quit drinking and can only drink at most a month. 2 cups of milk tea.
In fact, saving money is not difficult. The most important thing is to be determined. When saving money, don’t forget to treat yourself well and make yourself happy. Don’t eat unhealthy food or be hungry just because you save money. The method is very unhealthy

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