How to recognize toxic friends

how to recognize toxic friends

Toxic friend are usually opportons, self-centred, victim type and sticky friend. Be aware of those toxic friends and stay away from them.

Be careful of opportons

This type of person likes to use you because you have assets, such as a car, your own apartment or house, large sums of money, or a holiday home. Or they may want to use you to get close to your good friends, female/boyfriends, siblings, etc. This kind of person will eat up everything in your house and even use your personal toiletries. But when you confront them, they get very angry. They do not respect you and your property.

You may have noticed that borrowing has become a problem. They borrow money from you but never repay it. Borrow your clothes, all kinds of things, and never return them. Or, it was broken when they returned. They may even let others use/wear your things.

They may also ask you for help but never pay back

Be careful of self-centered people

Such people live with a creed: “The whole world revolves around me.” They always speak of themselves. And they don’t care about you; they have no interest in your life, your feelings, etc. You may also notice that they always brag to recognize toxic friends. Whether it’s about themselves, material wealth, boyfriends, marriage or vacation, they will always find something that makes them look better than you.

People of this type seem to have opinions on everything. Opinions are people’s views and thoughts on things. It is the evaluation, judgment, or evaluation of things. A self-centered person has no concept of the mind and cannot “think from the perspective of others”, and he believes that everyone sees what he sees (or what he sees is to some extent beyond others. people). This phenomenon seems to be more common in young children. They cannot separate their own beliefs, ideas and opinions from others.

Avoid the victim type of person

Such people always come to you when there is a problem and need advice, and show you clearly what kind of hardship they are going through (often exaggerated countless times compared to the fact). But when you need advice or want to find someone to vent, they are very cold towards you. So it’s not fair. You don’t mind spending two hours or more to calm them down—on the contrary, they are only willing to spend 5 minutes when it’s your turn. You are not a psychologist, don’t allow them to vent their grievances to you.

After you have a fight, this kind of person may have always held a grudge against you. This is because they can only accept their own opinions.

Stay away from very sticky friends

It is difficult for this kind of person to share you with others. To recognize toxic friends. When they see you with other people, they will be jealous, because they want you “totally” belong to them. Moreover, this kind of sticking person has a very strange hierarchy. When there is a more important person who can stick to, you will be abandoned-for example, it is almost impossible for this kind of person to take you and his male/ My girlfriend goes to the movies because that person is the center of their world. Although they spend a lot of time with that person, they need you to stay with them when their significant other is busy. This is a very clear signal that this person cannot bear to be alone, and you are a nanny to him. Obviously, if a more meaningful partner comes, this kind of friend will abandon you without hesitation.

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