How to pet a cat

how to pet a cat

Petting a cat may sound simple, but for people who haven’t spent much time around cats, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of approaching and touching a cat. Petting in the wrong spot or using too much force or speed can agitate some cats, causing them to bite or scratch.Experts recommend letting it happen on the cat’s terms: seek permission to touch them, and let the cat have control over the interaction. There are a few places where it’s hard to go wrong: areas where cats have scent glands are perfect for petting. Spreading their scent imbues their environment with a familiar smell, which in turn makes them feel happy and content. 


To pet a cat. Keeping cats in a good mental condition and plenty of exercise opportunities can reduce the chances of cats wanting to play with furniture.

For example, provide a cat scratching board, a cat grass toy, or use a cat stick to play with the cat. Not only can the cat exercise, the owner can also lose weight and cultivate feelings with the cat.

Basic cat grooming

Regular grooming of cats is indispensable for keeping cats healthy. Healthy cats will have smooth and bright hair. Most cats attach great importance to their cleanliness, but they still need the assistance of their owners. For example: pay attention to whether the hair is knotted and comb it regularly. Observe whether there is abnormal discharge or infection in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

When grooming your cat, you can pay attention to the following points:

  1. Touch the cat’s body and pay attention to any unusual bumps, protrusions, wounds, rashes, or spots
  2. Whether the hair is dull and dull, or has a lot of hair loss, or has unidentified insect bodies such as fleas
  3. The eyes are red and swollen or have excessive discharge
  4. Whether the ears are swollen or have a strong smell
  5. Whether the mouth smell is strong, whether there is accumulation of tartar, whether the gums are too white, whether the gums are swollen
  6. Is there any abnormal discharge from the nose and whether breathing is normal

Falling hair (hair loss)

To pet a cat. Cats with long hairs often have problems with shed hair and hairballs. To reduce hairball problems, you must often groom your cat’s fur, and occasionally feed it with hair cream or hairball control feed


It is recommended that long-haired short-haired cats be combed at least once a week, and the combing tool can be a pet-specific comb. Grooming your cat regularly can reduce hair falling on the floor or furniture

If the cat has severe hair loss, excessive itching, skin rash, etc., please consult the veterinarian


Because most cats love to be clean, generally speaking, there is no need to bathe them too often. If you’ve used to bathing your cat occasionally since childhood, you can train him to adapt to the water, and it’s easier to take a bath when he grows up

When taking a bath, focus on the lower part of the neck, and try not to touch the head and ears with water. You can wait until the body is washed then wipe the head with a towel. The cat’s head is exposed to water, which can easily startle the cat and increase the difficulty of bathing.

Please use cat shampoo when bathing and wash with warm water. Because cats are more likely to catch a cold and catch a cold, you can shorten the bathing time as much as possible. Dry them thoroughly after washing. Do not use too high a temperature to avoid scalding the cat.

If it is difficult for your cat to take a bath, you must take it outside. Please also remember to seek a pet grooming service with a professional doctor. Don’t let your cat be injected with unknown sedatives. Of course, you can wash it yourself at home, which is the best.

Trim its nails

Kittens can be trimmed weekly, and adult cats can be trimmed once every two or three weeks. The trimmed part is the transparent part at the front of the nail. The bloodshot part at the back cannot be cut, otherwise the cat will bleed.

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