How To Name A New Business in Malaysia 2021

How To Name A New Business in Malaysia 2021

You’ve hired a local advisor, laid out a plan, and have a target business establishment location. Seems like everything is ready to begin, right? All of a sudden, you wonder what is left missing. You suddenly realize that you have not thought of a name for your new business. No worries, here are tips on how to name a new business in Malaysia 2021.

How To Name A New Business in Malaysia 2021

How to name a new business in Malaysia

A good company name is short, sweet and memorable. Ideally, it loosely connects to your product or service, or reinforces your brand message.

“Good company names instil a sense of trust while allowing the target customer to identify your services quickly and easily,” said Anthony Babbitt, a business consultant. “In the age of phone books, people used AAA Plumbing in order to be the first listing in the yellow pages under plumbing. These tricks don’t work as well today when people rely on Google.”

How To Name A New Business in Malaysia 2021: Key elements of a good company name

Key elements for a good company name


  • A reflection of customer priorities: “Honest Auto Repair reflects people wanting to avoid being ripped off by a mechanic. Deal on Wheels Auto Sales reflects customers’ desires to get a good deal. Jealous Neighbors Home Remodeling reflects people’s vanity about home repairs and improvement,” Babbitt explained. “All of these names also let you know what the business focuses on too.”


  • Permanence: “Find [a name] you can be happy with today, tomorrow and in 20 years. Practice picking up the phone 20 times and answering ‘Thank you for calling XYZ company. How may I help you?'” Freiberger suggested. “It should roll off the tongue and be easy to understand.”


  • Simplicity: Jackson believes that a good company name “should communicate your brand story. It should also be easy to say, spell, and remember.”


  • Relevance: “Make it relevant to what you’re doing so people will know what it is without having to dig too far,” said Julie Nygard, founder of The Chocolate Therapist.


  • A connection to your mission: “Choose something that represents both what you do and why,” said Ray Zinn, Silicon Valley CEO and founder of Micrel (now Microchip Technology Inc.). “At Micrel, reliability of both our products and service to our customers was woven into our culture and company mission, so creating a name with reliability woven in made sense.”

How To Name A New Business in Malaysia 2021

Best tips on how to name a new business in Malaysia

  • Brainstorm. If you’re struggling to come up with a company name, start by listing keywords on a paper that relate to your business or company goals. You could list products you sell, customer experience goals, industry type and more. Expand the list by including adjectives that you feel are strongly associates with your business. The word list can be used to blend together a new name for your business.
  • Think outside the box. Along with a brainstormed word list, look at ways you can make the company name unique to your business. For instance, you could choose a non-traditional spelling of a name. Another option is to translate the name into a foreign language.
  • Do a lot of research. Come up with names that complement the products or services you’re offering – something unique that conveys whatever feeling you’re looking to get across. Then research that name and make sure no one in your industry or a similar one is using it, said Freiberger. David Reischer, a business attorney and expert at, added that a federal trademark search should be performed to determine whether there are existing trademarks that are already registered for a similar name or mark for a business.
  • Conduct research on social media sites. Go on social media sites, and research your top choices on the networks. For instance, although your company name may be unique locally, you may find that there are dozens of businesses with similar names advertising on social media. Try to stand out so that you can be found easily by customers when they search for your name.
  • Check the SEO potential in your business niche and see if something can come of that, said Dan Bailey, president of WikiLawn Lawn Care. “Then I try to make it catchy (something people can easily remember if they hear or see it in an ad) and unique.” In a similar vein, Jackson advised that knowing the “danger zones” is crucial. “It is important to know which areas to avoid. With so many trademarks, the chance of being able to use a single English word is becoming very slim,” said Jackson.

Key takeaways

Now that you have learned how to name a new business in Malaysia, keep in mind that there are no perfect business names. Naming a business is just one half, how you use it is a totally different half.


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