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Shampoo and conditioner

I used Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner series, such as silky smooth, lotion repair, etc. There are many other series, but now I can’t remember it all at once. I think her shampoo and matching conditioner are really It’s quite suitable for dry hair, remember to use it as a set. I am using her silky smooth series, which is very good. After washing, the hair is very smooth and smooth! The price is not very high, and the price is very high. Every time you wash your hair, you use shampoo and conditioner together. After applying the conditioner, you should wrap your hair with a hot towel, which is more effective. I also bought the blue bottle. Every time I use up the conditioner, I use the bee flower, and also wrap it in a hot towel! After using Bee Flower, the hair will be smoother

Pantene Silky Smooth Series

The shampoo and conditioner are both 400ML. They add up to about 50 yuan, which is a big bottle. Pantene’s shampoo is more suitable for dry hair. I have always used Pantene series. of

I bought another shampoo these few days. It works well. It works better than all the shampoos I use. It’s the one advertised by Kao’s Axian Shampoo Jun Ji-hyun. The hair is soft and the hair is released. Oh mark! It’s really good. It’s specially designed for oriental hair. A variety of natural materials for oriental beauty, combined with Asia’s unique 18-MEA hair repairing technology, while shampooing and conditioning, the oriental beauty essence fully penetrates the hair fiber! Kao’s shampoo was made in Japan and only launched in China in August 2008. Before this shampoo was very popular in Japan. I used to buy it only from Japan, but it is now available in Watsons.

I just bought his yellow shampoo, conditioner, serum

Shampoo 220ML Price: 22.5

Conditioner 220ML Price: 22.5

Essence 180ML Price: 23.6

I also saw a lot of people recommend it on the Internet. They said it was easy to use. I have used it several times. It is better than any shampoo I have used before. It has a floral scent, and it smells very good. His family now has a new gray, refreshing and moisturizing one, which is very suitable for oily hair.

Baking oil or hair mask, but you must do it at least once a week!

I bought the brand of care products from Guangdong Dicai, baked oil, there are two types, one is deep-sea care, the other is forgotten, two bottles, it’s only forty to fifty yuan, because the supermarket was engaged in activities at the time. I bought two different bottles! Now I have used it up.

The usage is to dry the hair a little after washing the shampoo and conditioner, and then apply the ointment to the hair, and use more hair ends, because there is generally no barber shop at home. For the steaming tool, I soaked the towel in boiling water, then wrapped the hot towel around my hair, waited for more than ten minutes, and then repeated the hot towel and then wrapped it again. It worked well! You can do it twice a week, and I insist on doing it more a week. Now the hair is getting better and better!

Some methods that are good for hair:

Wash your hair with beer

After washing your hair with beer frequently, your hair will become soft, supple, and have a light beer fragrance. It is because the grains contained in beer are good for your hair and will promote faster hair growth! The hair will be slightly discolored, not very pure black, and a little yellow, but you can’t tell if you don’t look carefully!

Usage: Every time I wash my hair, I pour an appropriate amount of beer into the shampoo. Then wash your hair! Never pour beer directly on your hair, it will corrode the roots!

Note: After buying the beer, remember to open the lid for a few days to evaporate the alcohol before you can use it, otherwise the alcohol will harm your hair! I think the biggest benefit of washing my hair with beer is that my hair has become brighter and shiny! And the hair grows faster than usual! The only bad thing is that after using it for a long time, the hair turns brown a little bit!

Protect with olive oil

The olive oil can be dripped on the comb before you wash your hair, then comb your hair with the comb, and evenly apply the olive oil to the hair, taking care not to get it on the scalp, otherwise the scalp will be oily, then wrap it in a hot towel for a while , Shampoo again

Or you can pour olive oil into your hair washing water, remember not to pour too much, otherwise it will be very oily, if you don’t rinse it off, others will think you haven’t washed your hair for a few days

Or you can mix olive oil with your conditioner or hair mask or serum. After washing the first part of the shampoo, use a towel to dry your hair slightly, and then apply the above mixture to your hair Put it on, then wrap it in a hot towel. You can wait for ten minutes, then reheat the hot towel, wrap it again, and then wash it off

The benefit of using olive oil is that the hair is softer and less rough. The effect is really good. It is as good as beer. I like to use olive oil for hair care. The effect is really good and it is especially suitable for dry and fluffy. Rough hair

There is also a small way to make the hair straight: After washing the hair, do not dry the hair, comb the hair straight, let it straighten vertically, and then let it dry naturally, which will make the hair straighter.

It is convenient to comb your hair more and straighten it.

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