How To Make Your Content Go Viral in Malaysia

How To Make Your Content Go Viral in Malaysia

Viral content is a modern enigma. It can seem to be videos of singing toddlers or juicy deep-dive profiles of Instagram influencers hit several views overnight like magic. And, sure, there’s often an inexplicable element of luck and timing when it involves viral content. However, for the most part, it comes right down to strategy, thought, and a focus on detail. Here is how to make your content go viral in Malaysia.

How to make your content go viral in Malaysia

How To Make Your Content Go Viral in Malaysia: Evoke high arousal emotions

Evoke high-arousal emotions.

In a world full of negativity, content that elicits positive emotions such as awe, laughter, and amusement is much more popular than that which arouses sadness.

In an unprecedented study conducted by social psychologist Jonah Berger, it was found that positive news articles were always shared more than negative ones.

Berger concluded that there are six emotions viral content can elicit: awe, anger, surprise, anxiety/fear, joy, and lust. Controversial topics and articles that zero in on any form of injustice can easily become viral, as in this case. Here are also some noteworthy examples of surprising and delightful content.

Create interactive and personalized content.

One of the most surefire ways to create contagious content and stand out from the rest is to provide an interactive, immersive, and personalized experience for the viewer.

Nowadays, a catchy listicle or how-to piece just won’t cut it. Users—especially millennials—are barraged with content clamoring for a second of their attention, so you want to make yours dynamic and unique.

Granted, this can take more time and resources to produce, but your viewers will reward you for it. Take this highly provocative and personalized campaign, which has been viewed and liked by more than 15 million Facebook users.

If you add fractal content to this mix, then you really have a recipe for virality in your hands. Defined as user-generated content that allows viewers to create their own viral content using your site, it can come in the form of apps such as and Fatbooth.

Use sleek visuals to increase audience engagement.

It generally takes only about a few seconds for someone to judge whether they want to continue browsing your site or go somewhere else.

The first impression is what counts and this is largely determined by the visual elements you use, as noted by the online marketing guru Derek Halpern.

Besides choosing a color palette and a combination of fonts that best communicates your message—up to 60 percent of your site’s approval rating depends on your color scheme—it’s also vital to break up text-heavy content with images, infographics, and videos.

In a study of over 100 million articles, the content analytics company Buzzsumo found that twice as many people share posts on Facebook with at least one image in the content than those without any images.

They also found that users are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a text-based article. Actually, when compared to all other types of content, infographics are the most shared, as seen in the chart below.

How To Make Your Content Go Viral in Malaysia: Know your audience well

Know your audience well.

In order to trigger the emotions described above, you must really know your audience. Besides the typical demographic and geographical information, find out: What makes them tick? What makes them laugh? Where do they hang out? What angers them? Who do they want to be like?

Once you know exactly who you’re targeting, a written caricature of that person will help you find the right tone and format for your piece, according to Kissmetrics. Whether a riveting in-depth feature, a humorous short piece, a practical blog post, or an entertaining quiz, there are many options to choose from depending on your reader/viewer.

Key takeaways

By knowing how to make your content go viral in Malaysia, you can easily attract large audiences because of their interest in it. If used correctly, it can even turn the tide of a failing business.


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