How to make money without working

How to make money without working (edited)

Although your current job income is good, have you ever thought that your life is long and the future is unknown. If one day, for some reason, you can no longer work hard in the workplace, do you still have the ability to make money? Can you guarantee that the years will look good?

Increase non-working income

For example, the interest on bank deposits, the income from buying funds to buy insurance, the monthly rent of real estate, and the dividends received by investment companies are all income when not working.

Stock trading requires time and effort to analyze and follow up, so it is not strictly a passive income, unless it is a long-term holding of stocks with stable returns and small risks.

Ask yourself, do you have any of these?

The above types of passive income capital and money are capital in the conservative sense. In this era when knowledge is king, capital can be presented in many ways.

For example, earn passive income from intellectual property rights. You write a book, and you can get new royalties every time you reprint it, without the need for extra investment. Movie box office, software development, payment for knowledge, and online courses are all the same. Here, books, films, software, content… themselves become capital, allowing you to get a steady stream of income without labor.

At present, I mainly achieve this through investment and financial management, investing in debt-based and hybrid funds, and insisting on long-term fixed investment index funds to obtain income.

Change the income structure

Recently, I very much agree with this sentence. If a person still has only salary income at the age of 30, then his career plan is a failure.

Your dead salary can only satisfy your daily food and clothing, and will not allow you to move towards the path of wealth and freedom. How to do?

As the saying goes, the salary is not enough, part-time to make up. On the basis of doing a good job in the main business, use this as the center of the circle to radiate. Try more sideline businesses, contact as many open source methods as you can, and then focus on selecting open source models that match your personal abilities and interests.

For example, there is a friend around me who obtained the first-level construction engineer certificate and the national registered supervision engineer certificate when he was young, and he was affiliated with a supervision company with a yearly income of 60,000 yuan. It really is once and for all, drought and flood protection. Envy, jealous, hate!

The core of financial management lies in structure, not quantity.

I am not reconciled to my salary and write part-time after get off work. I have been writing for 4 months and the remuneration is about 8163, which is an average of more than 2k per month. In this way, I started to write a summary while learning about financial management and investment. The material and spiritual harvests have changed my life.

Create continuous income

My personal understanding is to always maintain learning ability and innovative spirit, and bravely try, break through, and change. Whatever is unsustainable is not worthy of envy.

I think there are two types of investment, one is asset investment and the other is personal investment.

I feel that among all investment products, self-investment is the most promising investment with the greatest potential for appreciation.

Investing yourself includes:

  1. Improve skills.
  2. Enhance personal network, enhance personal social circle, and expand network resources.
  3. Improve spiritual life.

This part of the money cannot be saved.

We must know that we cannot save a future by relying on province alone.

Investment is risky and it is safe to lie in bed. Do you choose you?

At the age of 20, we do not try our best. How can we at the age of 40 be indifferent to fame and fortune? You must know that life is at your own expense, and poetry and the distance need tickets.

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