How to make money online

How to make money online

1. Operating an online store (E-Commerce)

Make money online in Malaysia-operate an online shop.
Have you tried online shopping? In 2020, who hasn’t made online shopping? Instead of being a consumer, why not consider being a seller? Compared with opening a physical store, opening an online store has many advantages, such as not having to pay rent and being able to reach thousands of customers from the comfort of their homes. This is an opportunity the government continues to advocate for everyone to seize.

Advantages of opening an online shop:

1. No rent (survival depends on the present).
2. Online store is not difficult to set up
3. Can work anytime, anywhere
4. Your customer base is very large (may target Malaysian domestic or foreign markets)
5. Start your own business and be your boss

Things to consider when opening an online store:

1. How much capital do you have, big physical capital
2. What product do you want to sell and what precise market
3. Competitor
4. Supply
5. Good supplier
6. How to receive and store inventory
6. Marketing (how to sell?)
7. stockpile
8. Warehouse storage
9. Employees help packing and shipping

How to open an online shop?

• Set up the world’s largest and best e-commerce platform-Shopify (brands can be established, but you need to import traffic yourself)
• Go to Marketplace: Shopee, Lazada, Mudah sell products (there is free traffic, but no brand, it is easy to price war)
In short, running an online store may seem easy, but it is as time-consuming and labor-intensive as opening a physical store. The good news is that with proper planning and execution, many people have achieved success in online stores. Here are some examples of online shop.

2. Be a Dropship Agent (shipping on behalf)

Make money online in Malaysia-dropshipping
Dropship agent
Dropship means the business process of direct shipping and direct shipping (purchasing from suppliers directly to customers).
As a dropship agent. You save yourself the trouble of stocking and shipping. You are only responsible for the marketing part. Agent are responsible for promoting your supplier’s goods, and only after the customer places the order, you place the order with the supplier. Then, the supplier sends the goods to your customers. In general, many micro businesses, shopify, and shoppee follow this approach.
You can get goods from China or Malaysian wholesalers and sell them to Malaysians. Of course, if you are more skilled and have good English, you can get the goods from China aliexpress, through Amazon, or set up Shopify to sell to Americans or English-speaking markets around the world.

Advantages of doing dropshipping:

1. No inventory required. You don’t need to store, receive or send inventory, because the supplier provides you with all these services under your business name.
2. Relatively easy to operate
3. Work anywhere
4. Set your own profit margin
5. Things to consider when doing Dropshipping:
6. Competitors, because many others are also selling similar products.
6. You lack quality control. Since the supplier sends the product directly to the customer, you cannot personally check the product quality.
If customers receive low-quality products. Therefore you may lose credibility.
Each supplier’s return policy and delivery time are different.
If everyone comes from the same source. Therefore, the price may be bad, everyone loses the price, you need to open a page to build a brand is the long way.
I can’t see the real thing, it may cause transaction disputes due to the quality of the goods or the speed of transportation

3. How to blog to make money

Make money online in Malaysia-blogging
Write a blog
It is quite easy to start a blog, especially if you like writing.
The most common blogs are about travel, food, financial investment, family, beauty, make-up, and life.
However, if you want to make money on the blog, you have to find a suitable niche.

What is niche’s blog?

Niche’s blog is a niche, you are interested in. For example, sports equipment, then niche, skateboards, and then subdivided, electric skateboards. With so many people on the Internet, someone will find you. You don’t need to do a business with all people, just target that niche market, and you will succeed.
Then you can start designing your blog, producing first-class content, and attracting people to your blog, all of which require a lot of effort and time. This will be a difficult road, and many people give up halfway through, especially for beginners. When your blog has a certain amount of traffic, you can make money in several ways.

Advantages of blogging:

1. No capital
2. Easy to operate
3. You can share the projects you are most interested in
4. Let others know you and build your trust in authority
5. There will be business opportunities if there is traffic

How do bloggers make money?

The following are the most common ways for bloggers to make money:

Affiliate Marketing

-To put it simply, the customer uses your introduction and then clicks on the link to buy something. The business opportunity will give you a small commission.
Example: I am writing about financial management. If you apply for a Malaysian credit card online through my website, the merchant will reward me a little bit of commission.
If you are writing about yoga, maybe your affiliate marketing is to promote some yoga business opportunities such as Lululemon, Under Armour and the like.


Most of the blog’s advertising costs come from Google Adsense’s plans. After that, this is the easiest to apply. As long as your blog has a certain amount of traffic, and it is legal and has quality content, you can start to apply for Google Adsense. After Google has verified it. After that, you can make money through this plan. The so-called passive income . But you have to be mentally prepared. The money you can earn in the front is pitiful. If you flow 200 a day, you may only earn that few cents.

Sponsored  Content

Of course, your blog is well written, and if you have traffic, you will have the opportunity to receive industry matches and help businesses promote their products or services. For example, a beauty blogger can take a sample sample sent by a merchant for product review. Or if you are a yoga lover and it is possible that a yoga center or a yoga clothing store will ask you to help promote it. This is one of the business models.

Product Sale

This is the most direct way to make profits. After that, you sell what you are most familiar with in your niche market. For example, a beauty blogger can directly sell her endorsed cosmetics, beauty e-books, and beauty courses on the blog.
After that, coffee bloggers can directly sell his coffee beans, coffee courses, and coffee machines through his blog.
When you have visibility and trust in the industry, you can do sales and ease. How to make money online

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