How to make girls at school like you

How to make girls at school like you
How to make girls at school like you

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 1

If you see her at school or during extracurricular activities, say hello to her boldly. Even if you have never spoken to her before, you can summon the courage to give her a smile, and it will not be too late to say hello next time. A simple smile can clearly convey your thoughts to her. If you always don’t speak, how can she know your mind? Don’t be too shy when speaking. Confident boys are more attractive! Don’t stare at her for a long time. Many girls will feel uncomfortable because of this, thinking that something is wrong with them. When introducing yourself, use your body language to be generous and energetic. Don’t be downcast, dodgy eyes, or slurred.
Try to be casual when chatting for the first time. You can ask her how she has been recently, what she is up to, etc.
Use text messages or social media to interact with girls you like. She may also be using WeChat or QQ. When you first started talking online or using mobile phone text messages, you can ask:

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 2

“Hi, how are you?”
“What are you doing?”
Talk about the photos on her personal homepage. If she has a pet, talk about her pet. If you see a photo of her playing a certain sport, then you must not miss this topic and have a chat with her.
Praise your crush from the beginning of the conversation. Girls like to hear compliments to themselves.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 3

Let your praise sound natural and casual. Don’t always praise her appearance.
Girls don’t want their appearance to be the only focus of others’ attention. If she is outstanding in a certain area, just tell her!
When complimenting a girl, you can say, “I noticed that your dance is great.” Or “I like your speech in history class today. Why don’t I think about it from that aspect? ”
If she loves sports, praise her performance in the most recent match: “Hey, you were so good at the football match last weekend.”
Talk to her while eating lunch or after extracurricular activities. Tell her about yourself, don’t be embarrassed, only in this way can she truly understand you.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 4

Ask questions about her family, hobbies, or what happened in her class.
During the conversation, you must pay attention to your eye contact to let the other person know that you have been listening to her seriously. You can insert two sentences from time to time, such as “I think it’s good” or “It’s so cool. Keep talking!”
Know the girl you like. Take part in some activities she likes.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 5

Show a strong interest in the things she likes so you two have more time together.
Participating in school activities she likes can help you learn more about your favorite objects.
For example, you can offer to help her in school charity activities, or join her in a troupe.
The opening remarks for reference include, “I saw that you participated in ______. I’m really good at ______, and I want to help you.”
Don’t stop talking about yourself. Girls don’t like boys who think they are.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 6

Her hobbies, family, pets, and school can all be your topic.
In the conversation, you can also intersperse your own opinions and personal experience.
The subject of the conversation finally returned to her.
Edit this part to impress you with girls from the same school
Do something to make the girl you like happy. Learn what she likes best, and prepare secretly to surprise her.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 7

If she has a flower that she particularly likes, don’t rush to buy it for her. It’s best to wait until the relationship between the two is determined.
Help her bring her schoolbags or books to the classroom.
When she is at school or participating in other activities, bring her favorite snacks.
When she participated in school activities, she took the initiative to help her.
Be her good friend. Don’t spread rumors about the girl you like, even if you listen to it.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 8

Gossip is the most headache, especially for girls. If someone slanders the girl you like, you must stand up and defend her.
If there are rumors in her social circle, prevent him from spreading when it reaches your friends.
Ask her out. Take her to see a movie she likes, or take part in an activity that interests her.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 9

How to make girls at school like you? If your ambiguous relationship with this girl has lasted for a while, then it’s time to have a formal date with her.
You can ask: “Are you busy this Saturday? I want to buy some movie tickets.” Or follow this method to play freely.
If the girl has shown that she is interested in a particular occasion, suggest taking her there. You can say, “I heard you want to go to the prom on Friday. If you want, I can take you there.”
The content of the date must revolve around the girl’s interests.
Even if the girl refuses your request for a date, don’t blindly demand or become frustrated and lose your grace.
A successful date does not have to cost a lot of money. The important thing is that through dating, both men and women can spend a good time together and increase mutual understanding.
If you or the girl you like is shy at first, you might as well go on a group date so that everyone will not be under too much pressure.
Don’t act obsessively with her. This will only make your crush hate you.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 10

How to make girls at school like you? Give her some space of her own. Don’t always show up around her.
When she is in school or participating in extracurricular activities, don’t always follow her ass. The interaction between the two should go with the flow, and don’t forcefully create various opportunities for getting along.
Don’t be too courteous. If she says she is not interested, stop stalking.
Pay attention to your dress. You hope that every time you meet, you are in your best state.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 11

How to make girls at school like you? No matter what style of dress you have, make sure your clothes are clean and compliant.
Make yourself look neat.
Be sure to do daily personal hygiene, such as bathing, brushing your teeth, using deodorant, etc. every day.
Sometimes dressing smartly and stylishly can make you more confident.
Edit this part to use your personality charm to attract the other’s attention
be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your true character and self-confidence.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 12

Don’t change yourself too much to get the girl’s attention.
Girls like boys who are natural and generous and exude confidence.
If you are creative, you can try to join some music, art groups or theater troupes. There, you may meet or even attract some like-minded girls.
Fully develop your hobbies. While pursuing a girl, don’t give up participating in sports, art, or school activities.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 13

How to make girls at school like you. Don’t worry about the girl you like at any time, let alone racking your brains all the time about how to impress her.
You need to maintain balance in your life. While pursuing girls, don’t forget to enrich your life with interest.
I hope the girl you have a crush on has the same interests as you. Developing your own hobbies can create more opportunities for you to get along with her.
Run your own circle of friends well. Boys who have a group of close friends are more attractive to girls.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 14

It is a good way to meet girls through your social circle.
If you and your friends are planning to participate in an event, don’t forget to call in the girl you like.
Friendship is precious. Don’t ignore your friends at the beginning of the date.
Study hard. You don’t want to make your grades plummet by spending too much time to please girls.

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 15

How to make girls at school like you? Boys with excellent grades can attract the attention of the opposite sex better than boys who often fail in subjects.
Be more active in class. Your self-confidence will win you the attention of girls.
If one of your subjects is relatively weak, and this subject happens to be the strength of the girl you like, then you can just use this opportunity to ask her to help you in your studies.

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