How To Make A Good Impression In An Interview in Malaysia


After years and years of working hard to gain experience, you finally applied for your dream job. A few weeks go by and you receive a message that you have a scheduled interview to attend. This is the part where it starts to get challenging. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the interview well. Here is how to make a good impression at an interview in Malaysia.

How to make a good impression at an interview in Malaysia?

How To Make A Good Impression At An Interview in Malaysia: Have good posture

1. Use good posture

Your posture can also have a major impact on how someone perceives you when they first meet you. It is important to stand tall, sit-up straight, hold your head up, and keep your shoulders back throughout your interview. Good posture gives an impression of confidence and professionalism. You should also be sure to maintain eye contact with the interviewer throughout your meeting.

How To Make A Good Impression At An Interview in Malaysia: Be prepared

2. Be prepared

The best thing you can do to make a good first impression during an interview is to be well-prepared for the interview when you arrive. Before your interview, research the company and know what they do, what your responsibility would be in the position you are applying for, what the company’s core values are and how you can add value to the company. Showing you have done your research can leave the interviewer with the impression that you are serious about the position you have applied to.

You can also role-play with a friend or family member to practice interview questions you expect the interviewer to ask. Prepare answers to both technical interview questions related to the responsibilities of the job and behavioural interview questions. Practising answers to interview questions will show your confidence during the interview. You can also refer to How to Prepare for 9 Interview Types

How To Make A Good Impression At An Interview in Malaysia: Arrive on time

3. Arrive on time

Arriving at your interview on-time sets the tone of professionalism the interviewer can expect from you. In fact, it is best to arrive at least five to 10 minutes early to show the interviewer that punctuality is something you value. The interviewer and hiring manager will expect you to be reliable and punctual in your role, so being on-time or early to the interviewer gives the impression they can trust you to be on-time for your new job.

How To Make A Good Impression At An Interview in Malaysia: Dress professionally

4. Dress professionally

How you dress is likely to have a big impact on the first impression an interviewer makes of you. It is important to dress professionally and appropriately for the role and industry you are applying to. It is also important to ensure you are well-groomed with good hygiene, a professional hairstyle, brushed teeth, and good breath.

Dressing professionally and being well-groomed displays your interest in presenting your personal brand and the company professionally. Professional business attire allows the focus of the interview to remain on your qualifications rather than on how you look. You also can read What to Wear to a Job Interview.

Use a friendly greeting

5. Use a friendly greeting

Many people form their first impression of you within just a few minutes of meeting you. When you first meet the interviewer, it is important to offer a warm and friendly greeting with a professional introduction and a firm handshake. Your greeting should include a friendly smile and a clear introduction of who you are. For example: “Hello Mr Tan, my name is Nick and I’m here to interview for the executive assistant role.” Use a professional and friendly greeting to anyone you encounter in the office, not just the interviewer.

How To Make A Good Impression At An Interview in Malaysia: Take a deep breath

6. Take a deep breath

Then another one. Interviews can be really stressful. While you’re in the restroom, take a few deep breaths and remember that you’re here because you were chosen to interview. This can prevent any unnecessary anxiety which can affect your ability to respond to the interviewer

Key takeaways

The most important part of a job interview is during the beginning. That’s after you have a chance to create a good impression—or a poor one—on your interviewer. Some say they know within the primary 30 seconds or so whether the person has a shot at getting hired. Therefore, it is important to know how to make a good impression at an interview in Malaysia.


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