How to handle accident at home?


Basic first aid skills are important to keep your family safe because children will accidentally get themselves into minor accidents.

When your child touches a hot surface or grabs a sharp object, your first instinct is to rush them to the doctor, but if the injury is minor, then deploying some basic first aid is always wise.

Parents should always maintain home cleanliness and focus on the importance of personal hygiene.

First Aid at Home - Children's Physicians Medical Group

Quick treatment of the wound will keep it from bacterial infection. Always remember that antiseptic and alcohol swabs are essential for minor emergencies. Here’s how to handle some minor emergencies:


Run cold water over the affected area for minutes. If the burn is large, stop water treatment and keep your child warm.

Drape a light, breathable dressing over the burn. Seek medical attention if the burn is serious.


Rinse wound with cool running water for deep cuts. Place a sterile bandage over the wound and apply gentle pressure.

Replace with a new and sterile bandage once the bleeding stops.


Check for a skin reaction and carefully remove any insect parts from the wound.

Rinse the area with gentle soap and running water. Apply a cold compress to relieve swelling.



It is important to keep your children away from dangerous things such as scissors and lighter. Keep it in the box and a higher place to prevent discovery from children.


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Handling household accidents


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