How to fulfill a wish

How to fulfill a wish

Allow yourself to make a wish

How to fulfill a wish? Before you see your wish come true, you must believe this possibility from the bottom of your heart. In some cases, it is very difficult to ignite hope, but remember that “optimism” and “realism” are not necessarily opposed to each other.
Optimism is directly related to success. People who are more optimistic about life are more likely to discover and seize major opportunities than those who are more suspicious.
In short, desire is the starting point. Making and believing wishes can encourage you to take action, and the actions you take can increase the likelihood of your wish being fulfilled.

Make a wish

To realize your wish overnight, you must put as much thought and action as possible into a wish. Putting energy on multiple wishes at the same time will prevent you from focusing all your attention on any one of them, thereby reducing the possibility of wishing to be realized.

Think clearly

Before realizing your wish, you must be clear about your true wish. Speak clearly what you want in your mind, then stop and savor your feelings. If you seem to be a little dissatisfied with what you are saying about your wishes, you may need to redefine your wishes more honestly.
After you say your wishes, you should feel happy or hopeful. Imagining that your wishes come true will make you happy. If you don’t have this feeling, it means that this wish does not represent your true feelings, and you will not devote yourself to achieving it.
For example, if you are suffering from unrequited love and say that your wish is to end this wishful thinking relationship, you may feel sad when the wish is truly fulfilled. In fact, you may want to regain your feelings. Of course, this kind of wish is sometimes impossible to achieve, but compared to a total denial of the facts, constructing a wish around a true desire will ultimately lead to better results.

Construct aspirations in a positive way

Realizing a wish—especially in a short period of time— requires a lot of positive energy. If your desire is negative, then you will reduce the positive thinking and actions associated with it, making it difficult to achieve, which is inevitable.
The desire inspired by jealousy is often the least consistent with this principle. For example, you might want your opponent to lose the game, lose promotion opportunities, or break down because of jealousy, but these are not good wishes for making. You should hope that the same good things happen in your life. This is a better wish.

Make a wish that you can achieve

How to fulfill a wish? The wish you make should be something you really have a certain ability to achieve or pursue. A wish may involve other people, but if it is completely dependent on others or dependent on power that is not controlled by anyone, then nothing you do can ensure that it will come true.
You can only control your own thoughts and actions, so the desire to rely on others to work for you is usually not realized.
However, you can hope that you have the influence to get others to take certain actions. For example, hope that the person you have a crush on can respond to your feelings will often not have any results, but hope that you have the courage and opportunities to communicate with the other party usually will have more rewards.
In the same way, you should not rely on natural or supernatural forces to fulfill your wishes. In other words, the wish of a school or work unit to suspend classes or work due to bad weather is usually not realized, and even if it is realized, it is probably due to coincidence rather than any other reason.

Focus on the future

How to fulfill a wish? You cannot change the past, so unfortunately, wishing to change what has happened has no effect. Instead, your desires should focus on what you want to happen in the next 24 hours. Or in the near future.
Even if your deep desires are somehow related to past events, you still need to reconstruct your desires. Let it look forward. You should hope that you can look at past injuries from a different perspective. Or have the ability to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Consider the size of your wish

How to fulfill a wish? Even if you do your best, your grand aspirations may not come true overnight. If you want to realize a big wish, the best way is to break it down into smaller ones. Try to make those little wishes come true overnight, so that you can gradually realize your true and final wishes.
For example, your ultimate desire may be to become a couple with your unrequited love. However, you cannot become a couple overnight, so you need to choose a wish that is close to reality and work hard to realize it. This wish can be very simple. Such as having the opportunity or the courage to talk to the unrequited love partner.

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