How to disinfect your mobile phone

How to disinfect your mobile phone
How to disinfect your mobile phone. We always touch our eyes, nose, or mouth and other body parts unconsciously. In the current epidemic, there will inevitably be a risk of infection.
Therefore, professionals recommend that you wash your hands more and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer or alcohol spray; some people say that wearing a mask is not only to filter the air. But also to reduce the frequency of touching your face, thereby protecting yourself Not invaded by viruses.

But don’t forget, your phone is also the thing you touch the most every day.


How to disinfect your mobile phone? How serious is this dependence? According to the statistics of the research company Dscout. Average users will click on their phones an average of 2,617 times a day, and 10% of heavy users will even hit 5,427 times.
It seems that our comparison of mobile phones as “an extension of the human body” is not an exaggeration.
If you want to do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting your mobile phone. You might as well understand what you need to pay attention to before doing it.

Whether or not to wipe the phone with alcohol may be the first issue that many people will be concerned about.


Manufacturers including Apple have previously stated that users are not recommended to directly use cleaners with harsh solvents for mobile phone cleaning.
The reason is that some cleaning agents or disinfecting wipes may contain a higher concentration of alcohol. It will cause the oleophobic or hydrophobic layer on the mobile phone screen to fall off. It causes irreversible damage to the screen.
However, Apple recently updated its equipment cleaning guide on its official website, stating that users can use “70% isopropyl alcohol wipes” or “Clorox disinfecting wipes” to gently wipe hard, non-porous products. Surfaces, such as display screens, keyboards, or other external surfaces.

The “70% isopropyl alcohol” mentioned here refers to a daily care disinfectant on the US market.

It has a similar effect to ethanol. It is also a kind of medical alcohol, but in addition to the 70% concentration, there are also 60%, or as high as 91%.
In China, we see more disinfectant alcohol with a concentration of 75% in supermarkets, and we must pay attention to it when using mobile phones.
I also looked at the “mobile phone cleaning” guidelines of several other mobile phone manufacturers. Among them, Huawei stated on the official page that users can spray an appropriate amount of alcohol on a lint-free soft cloth, and then gently wipe the phone screen, back shell and sides, but not including the phone hole, gap and flash area.

After wiping, let the phone stand for 5 minutes and wait for the alcohol on the surface of the phone to evaporate.

The second is Google’s “Clean Pixel Phone” page.


Google also recommends using a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the phone, and most of the time you don’t need to wet it. If the screen is stained, you can consider using special screen wipes or lens cleaners, and you can also use soapy water on the sides and back of the phone.
Specifically for the disinfection part, Google said that users can use ordinary household disinfection wipes or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes, but do not allow cleaning wipes containing bleach.


How to disinfect your Samsung mobile phone? Samsung customer service also added an exception, that is, mobile phone film. If you have the habit of sticking the film often, you can indeed use alcohol-containing wipes to wipe the screen part more boldly. Anyway, the film is damaged, just replace it.
But people with protective shells probably can’t be so willful. Unless you can change the phone shell as frequently as changing the film, they will sooner or later become a carrier full of bacteria.

Another more effective disinfection method is to use ultraviolet light.

Recently, Samsung launched the “Samsung Mobile Phone Disinfection Service” in 19 regions around the world.
At the same time, a UV disinfection box called “PhoneSoap” has recently experienced a surge in sales overseas due to the epidemic. The company claims that the device can kill 99.9% of the common bacteria attached to the surface of mobile phones, such as E. coli and Salmonella, but it has not tested the coronavirus.

Some researchers believe that a small box like PhoneSoap cannot completely eliminate the coronavirus in a short period of time


Due to the intensity and duration of the exposure. Unless the user allows the mobile phone to be exposed for more than two hours. The dose is completely insufficient.
In contrast, experts believe that using at least 60% alcohol to wipe the phone may be a more practical disinfection method.
Based on the statements of several manufacturers. The simplest and safest way of cleaning and disinfection is still to directly use a lint-free soft cloth. Or microfiber cloth with water to wipe the screen. Of course, you can also directly use Zeiss or iKlear’s dedicated detergent.
As for the deeper disinfection, you can consider using disinfection wipes with an alcohol concentration of less than 70% to wipe.

Some suggestions and techniques related to cleaning mobile phones


For example, mobile phone manufacturers do not recommend that users spray liquid directly on the phone during cleaning. But spray the liquid on a soft cloth first, and then wipe the phone.
It is naturally not recommended to throw the phone directly into the water. Or take it under the faucet to rinse it. Even if some phones support IP68 waterproof, you still need to avoid the speaker.

In addition, sprays, bleach, abrasives, and even laundry detergents cannot be used directly on mobile phones.


This also takes into account the presence of the oleophobic layer on the screen.
Cleaning your phone does not mean that you will be completely isolated from viruses. In contrast, washing hands frequently, wearing masks, and staying away from crowds of people. It may be more helpful in reducing the risk of infection.
But if you can, wipe your phone more to create a clean living environment for yourself. It can be considered icing on the cake. There were some way of how to disinfect your mobile phone.

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