How To Develop Good Business Leadership Skills in Malaysia

How To Develop Good Business Leadership Skills in Malaysia

Not everyone is born a leader. However, every single individual has the ability to learn and develop good leadership skills by training. One way to become a better leader is by setting leadership developmental goals. The goals you set should be geared toward improving your weaknesses and enhancing your leadership style. Here is how to develop good business leadership skills in Malaysia by BusinessNewsDaily.

How to develop good business leadership skills in Malaysia

How To Develop Good Business Leadership Skills in Malaysia: Become an active listener

1. Become an active listener.

A top trait among successful leaders is active listening. An effective leader facilitates a culture of clear communication and actively listens to what their team has to say (from entry-level to C-suite). Go into every conversation with the intention of listening to your team’s insights, whether you receive positive or negative information.

“Showing your willingness to listen will instil a strong measure of trust and encourage people to be more vocal and share their ideas,” Michele Hall-Duncan, president and CEO of the enCourage Kids Foundation, told Business News Daily. “This will naturally lead to productivity and forward movement toward accomplishing goals for both individuals and the organization.”

How To Develop Good Business Leadership Skills in Malaysia: Become more efficient

2. Become more efficient.

Business leaders often manage various conflicting responsibilities, which is why time management is so crucial. Identify ways you can become more efficient (in your individual responsibilities as well as business operations) and work toward those goals. As you become more efficient, you will have more time to spend improving other skills and accomplishing other tasks.

How To Develop Good Business Leadership Skills in Malaysia: Be adaptable

3. Be adaptable to change and growth.

Instead of assuming you know it all, set a goal of being adaptable and open to learning new things. Openness to change puts you in a better position to successfully run your company. This is especially important during times like the COVID-19 pandemic, when you may need to pivot resources or business operations to accommodate the change in the economy. Staying open-minded to new opportunities and new ways of doing business will help you (and your company) grow over time.

 Improve IQ and EQ

4. Improve your emotional intelligence (EQ or EI).

Successful leaders often have high emotional intelligence. The five major components of EQ are self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, social regulation and motivation. These traits help with making decisions, setting goals and managing stress, which are all key elements of leadership. Although some leaders are naturally gifted with high EQ, it is something that can be improved. Klein said every leader should have a clear understanding of what emotional intelligence is, but also have a plan to develop their capacity for emotional intelligence.

Offer constructive feedback

5. Offer constructive feedback that facilitates growth.

Companies that foster clear communication and employee growth often do so through feedback. As a leader, you can drive your team to excellence by providing constructive feedback that focuses on improvement, not fault. Giving feedback is more than just reviewing someone’s behaviour – when done correctly, it can stimulate growth and development. So, create an environment where your team feels confident in the intent of your feedback.

“Learn to give feedback in a way that reinforces and affirms the things that people are doing well so that they continue to do those things, but also develop a skill set where you can give feedback around places that need to be optimized in a way that a person is left with a sense of encouragement to grow or [feels] inspired that they can do better,” said Joey Klein, CEO and founder of Conscious Transformation.

How To Develop Good Business Leadership Skills in Malaysia: Lead by example

6. Lead by example.

The culture and foundation of a business start with its leadership. If you want an organization that facilitates open communication and teamwork, you have to embody those traits. Consequently, if you set a poor example, your employees will likely follow that as well.

“As a leader, you should lead during this time with exemplary actions,” said Daniel Snow, CEO and founder of The Snow Agency. “You should lead by example and not illustrate how turbulent times may be affecting you on a personal level.”

Key takeaways

Your organization leadership defines your company culture and employee expectation. Employees look to business leaders to work out how they ought to behave, therefore the effect of your organization’s actions (good or bad) is emulated throughout the corporate company.


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