How to clean the room

How to clean the room

Play a song you like to motivate yourself

It is best not to touch the phone (if you receive a text message or the phone is connected to a social network, mute it or turn it off completely) and the computer to avoid distraction. This way you will help yourself to be more efficient without knowing it. You can open the windows to enjoy the sun and fresh air. Remember to ask parents if it’s okay! How to clean the room.

How to clean the room quickly

Put rubbish in the trash can in the house or kitchen, and put dirty cups and bowls in the sink. Sort the files and throw them away immediately if you don’t need them (recycling if possible).

Separate dirty clothes from clean clothes.

The clothes should be divided into two piles, put the dirty clothes in the washing bucket, and stack the clean clothes into the closet. If you use a cabinet for storage, fold it neatly to make room for other clothes. You can draw a few small intervals to make the clothes neat and tidy.
Put your shoes aside, or they will trip you.

Put things in other rooms back. (For example, you took away your brother’s toy, teddy bear or blanket, or friend’s book, etc.)

Throw away all the things you don’t need and keep the frequently used things at hand.

Pick up the things thrown on the floor and sort them out. Walk from one end of the room to the other, and clean the bottom of the bed when you are done.

Clean the top of the furniture and dust off

Your parents will love you to clean up the dust, it won’t take much time
How do lazy people clean the room quickly. Tips for room cleaning 78 Make the bed. A messy bed will ruin any clean room.


Remember to clean all the corners, including the bottom of the bed
How do lazy people clean the room quickly. Tips for room cleaning 1210 Spray some air freshener. The fresh smell will make you feel comfortable, unless you are allergic.

Keep this clean state.

Put everything in the right place so that it won’t take so much time to organize i next time.
12 May wish to change the decoration every time.


1. Start with the easiest to clean.
2. Label the box so that you know that everything is there and you won’t get into chaos again.
3. Clean thoroughly while listening to your favorite song.
When you don’t want to clean the room, think about how beautiful it will be after cleaning!
4. Ask a friend if he can come to help. Let the parents know that you are all working, or your friends will be sent back.
5. Start by putting away the dirty clothes. At the same time, first dumped the trash can.
6. Clean up a little bit before going to bed every night, so that you won’t spend a lot of time on cleaning up
7. Remember to clean the bottom of the bed and tidy the closet, these are all important.
8. Make sure everything is in the right place, and throw it away if not. This will make your house easier to clean.If you make the bed first, other tasks will be more convenient, such as folding clothes and organizing documents.


Be careful of what you find. You don’t know where anything will appear. Pay attention to small bugs because they can cause diseases. You encounter these things, tell your parents to help.
If you find spiders, don’t be afraid that they won’t hurt you.

Get someone to help if you cannot handle.
If you don’t do it in time, your parents may get angry, so speed and quality are both important.
Note that some things may break when you turn the box upside down.
Pay attention to the small glass shards, they will appear in places you never thought.
Don’t make the music too loud, or parents will be unhappy.
What are you going to prepare?
Voice recorder, iPod or mobile phone (optional)
Garbage bag (sometimes needed, especially when there is no garbage can nearby) and Air freshener or perfume (optional). After that, floor broom, carpet vacuum cleaner and duster. Finally, glass cleaner, hanger, mop and snacks (optional; clean up after eating).


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