How to buy stocks

How to buy stock

Understand the basic rules of stocks

For novices, some basic operations must be understood, which must be mastered. As the number of transactions increases, transactions will become more proficient.

Understand the risks of the stock market

Investment is risky, so you need to be cautious when entering the bank. For novices and many friends who have just entered the stock market, many people will advise them in this way. Many novices taste the sweetness when they first enter the market, and start a big fight with the masters, and finally may face the risk of profit and loss. So every investment still needs to predict the trend of stocks in advance before starting to act. Only in this way can we ensure normal profitability after investment.

Learn how to read the disk

Before buying and selling, you must learn how to sell and look at the stock market. Generally speaking, you need to follow the trend. For novices, they may not even understand the stock market. Don’t think about how to buy the bottom. Only by taking advantage of the trend can you effectively reduce risks.
In addition, it is very important to choose high-quality stocks. For ordinary novices, it is recommended to find a master to take everyone to do it together, so as to reduce profit and loss.

How to buy stocks for novices and where to open an account

Buying stocks must be the first time to open an account. Generally speaking, investors and stock traders can open an account at a securities company, but what documents do you need to bring to open an account? Let’s take a closer look together below.

If you open an account at a securities company

You can bring your own ID card and a bank card (the bank will use it at that time, saving you from going home to get the bank card), and go directly to the securities company to open an account.

If you don’t know the address and contact information of the securities company

You can call the service hotline, then select the corresponding securities company according to the voice prompts, and then open an account. In addition, some banks actually start to transfer funds to each other after opening an account. For the convenience of transferring funds, it is recommended to activate the bank card free transfer function.

If you are familiar with the Internet

You can actually choose to open an account online, and opening an account online not only saves time, but in the end, you only need to fill in your own relevant information, and then you can open an account directly after confirmation.
In addition, there is still a process for online account opening, which is to check directly online, so before opening an account, you need to prepare an ID card, mobile phone, computer (connected to the Internet, microphone and camera), and then go to the official website of the securities company to find the connection for online account opening and press Prompt operation is fine.

How to buy stock

How do novices buy stocks and what should be paid attention to

In fact, buying stocks is like buying lottery tickets. You also need to pay attention to skills and methods. It is recommended to keep a watchful attitude and not blindly invest in stocks that are falling and rising quickly. Here are a few tips for everyone:

At the stage of falling market

if the stock price does not fall deeply and the hold still is not deep, the position should be liquidated immediately. At this time, it tests whether investors can act decisively and whether they have a decisive psychological quality. Only by selling in a timely and decisive manner can losses be prevented from further expanding.

The stocks are falling at a faster rate

At this time, it is not very effective to panic and stop losses. The best way to suggest is to grasp the rhythm of stock price movement and sell when the market rebounds.
In fact, if you have a good grasp of the decline of stocks, the loss is not too large under normal circumstances. If the stocks you buy show a faster increase or feel that they are close to the commanding heights, appropriate selling and discarding will still be useful for later investment and profit Good.

When the stock market drops to a certain stage of bottom

You can use the method of covering the position, because at this time the stock price is far away from your buying price, and if you sell it forcibly, the loss will often be larger. You can cover up your position appropriately to reduce costs, and wait for the market to pick up before selling on rallies. This selling method is suitable when the down market is nearing its end.
How do newbies buy stocks, how to open an account when buying stocks and what are the precautions? A detailed introduction has been made above, if you are also interested in stocks and friends who want to try, you can plan the capital investment before starting.

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