How to be a grateful person

How to become a grateful person (edited)

Contented and grateful talents will cherish possessions, be contented, and be grateful, only then will they reap the happiness and beauty that can hold their lives even more. So how to be a contented and grateful person?

Write down a list of gratitude every Sunday

You don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to move out what you need to be grateful for. Every Sunday, take out your notebook and sit down for 15 minutes to write down everything you are grateful for. Try to think of new things as much as possible, no matter the big or small things, think of at least ten things. You can write, “Mom’s infinite love” or “A picture drawn by my roommate”.

challenge yourself. Think of fifteen new things to be grateful for every week.

Writing down things you are grateful for will make you more grateful for them.

Thank friends

Many people take friendship for granted. You might think that the presence of friends is as natural as a sofa in the living room or a small tree in the front yard. But dear readers, this is not the case. If you take your friends for granted for a long time, they will slowly fade out of your life. Therefore, every time you go out with a friend, think about what this person means to you, how much he or she has done for you, and how lucky you are to have this person in your life.

Of course, everyone is not perfect, and your friends may sometimes disappoint you. But have you always been a perfect friend yourself? Probably not.

Thank you family

Family is another object to be grateful for. Your parents may even be the ones who let you learn to be grateful. Therefore, tell your family what they mean to you, help them with housework, call or write to them if you don’t live together, and let those raising you know how important they are to you.

Express your love to your family every day.

If your family is not good to you, then this is a fact that you must accept. Although this is totally unfair, if you want to be grateful, focus on the things that are worthy of gratitude, not the things that are not.

Grateful for health

Health is another thing that is taken for granted, and you should think of health when you complain or resent. Of course, you may have lost your phone or quarreled with a good friend, but you can easily handle these things. It is the fragile physical condition that affects your life that cannot be handled easily; therefore, the next time you feel that the world betrays you, you have to be happy for your health.

Appreciate the healthy lungs, clear mind and light pace. Many people are not so lucky, but they will still be grateful.

When you have the first fear of health, you will be more grateful and feel that everything is fine. But I hope this time will not come.

Appreciate the opportunity

Thank you for what you can do. This can be going to school, work, gathering with friends, or getting a new jacket you like. It can also be an opportunity to travel and learn interesting things. Opportunity is that you can do things that no one else even dared to think of, so be grateful for all the opportunities you get.

Of course, some people get more opportunities than you, but that doesn’t mean you should fall into distress or jealousy.

Thank nature

Although you live in the city center, you are still surrounded by nature. Go to a public park or walk around the lake and be grateful for the beautiful scenery around you. Spend 20 minutes a day walking in the community, and you will be more grateful for the opportunities you have.

Even in rainy and gloomy weather, you should be grateful for the sound of rain.

Looking for hope

If you want to be a grateful person, then you should learn to find the positive side of everything. Stop complaining and think about the things that make you happy, not the things that make you unhappy. If you want to be grateful, then you should fight each negative thought by thinking about three positive thoughts, thereby eliminating negative emotions.

Look at things from multiple angles. You may be troubled by failing the math test, but you have not received any financial loss after all. Remember, someone is always facing a problem more serious than you. Pay attention to the positive and happy side of the things you are facing.

Don’t play the victim

People who are not grateful usually blame the injustice of the world for bad things about themselves. If you want to become a person who knows how to be grateful, then don’t think about the problem of the world, teachers, bosses, friends or family members, and focus on what the world has helped you.

Control life. Don’t think you are a victim of this bad environment, and pay attention to the good environment in your life.

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