How to avoid interview errors

How to avoid interview errors
How to avoid interview errors? Performing well in front of the recruiter during the interview is the most important step in winning the job. Recruiters usually choose candidates who meet their expectations. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the expectations of recruiters. This article points out some common mistakes in interviews and provides ways to avoid them.

Dress correctly

How to avoid interview errors? Generally speaking, jeans and flip-flops are not allowed for interviews. Shirts or pants that are too short are also inappropriate. Even a suit is not necessarily suitable. The suitability depends on the job interview. The dress code for interviewing bank staff and fashion designer assistants is obviously different. Think about it, what clothes you should wear for this position, and what clothes you should wear for the interview.

Make a good first impression

Is it correct? Is hairstyle suitable? Are the nails clean and tidy? Does the makeup match the work environment? Didn’t you play with your phone during the interview? Also, even at a young age, letting my mother accompany him to the interview is a sign of independence. You must make a good first impression, or you will fail in the first place.

Be there on time

This is beyond doubt. Go to the company a day or two before the interview to familiarize yourself with the route. Leave one hour early to avoid being late due to bad weather or traffic jams. To relieve tension, you can look in the mirror to make sure everything is okay. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the interview time, don’t be late. If there is an accident, such as a traffic jam, notify the recruiter as soon as possible so that they can understand the situation.
If you are particularly nervous, you may misread or remember the interview time and location, and you may forget to charge your phone (if it is a telephone interview). This is human nature. In order to avoid this kind of mistake, you should confirm the interview time and location at least twice, preferably on two different days. Although it sounds funny, it is better than being wrong.

Be professional

Professionalism is an aspect that recruiters value. Do you chew gum, smoke, or knock a pen on a file folder during an interview? Your every move will be judged. So don’t do anything that might make you lose your job opportunity.

Phone off

It is rude to drive the mobile phone or even answer the phone during the interview.
How to avoid interview errors

Speak clearly and concisely

What can be said clearly in one word is not necessary for two words. Call the recruiter “Mr.” or “Ms.” politely and express your thoughts clearly. The answer should be concise and relevant. Speaking should convey meaningful information, not to break the silence. Make your voice louder, so don’t let the recruiter hear it clearly.

Listen carefully

The most annoying situation for recruiters is that candidates answer unrelated questions or always ask repeated questions. So concentrate on the interview. If you really don’t understand the question, you can ask the other person to repeat it. Don’t answer things that are not related to the question. Lean forward slightly, maintaining eye contact. This will show that you are listening carefully.

Ask important questions

Asking the wrong questions is not good, not asking questions is not good. The wrong question is: ask what the company can give you, including salary, benefits, holidays, etc. These questions should be asked after receiving the offer notice. (This is how effective negotiation strategy works).
A good question is: ask what you can do for the company. For example: “What is qualified for this position?” or “What kind of employees do you expect?” This seems to make sense for you.

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