Housing census postponed to early next year


The face-to-face census of the 2020 Population and Housing Census (2020 Census) will be postponed from the originally scheduled 7th to 24th of this month to January 20th to February 6th next year. Housing Census 2020 postponed because of the increase in confirmed cases of the COVID-19.

Total of 5 censuses has been conducted, namely in 1970, 1980, 1991, 2000, and 2010! This is the sixth time this year!

The Department of Statistics Malaysia is conducting a 10-year national population and housing (2020 BANCI PENDUDUK DAN PERUMAHAN MALAYSIA) census.

The Bureau of Statistics Malaysia urges Malaysian citizens to complete the census online as soon as possible if they do not want the relevant officials to come to conduct the census.

The 2020 census website e-Census, which originally ended on the 30th of last month, will be open from the 7th of this month until December 21st.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mustafa issued a statement today, saying: “During this period, the public who have not yet filled out the census form can fill in through the website This is to reduce the risk of new crown infection brought by face-to-face.”

Datuk Seri Mustafa, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for Economic Affairs.


The public must accept the census under the 1960 Census Act. The 2020 census will be conducted by Statistics Malaysia, and the face-to-face census is the second phase of work.

“Population and housing data are very important for the government to formulate national welfare policies. Ensure that all plans benefit the target group and no one is forgotten.”

The response to the online census launched from July 7 to September 30 was cold. So far, only 1.5 million people have provided census information online, accounting for about 0.048% of the total population of 32.7 million.

Many Malaysian people complained that they failed to register and request the Invitation Code online. The reasons included the incomplete or too general home address provided, the filling method and address abbreviation that did not meet the standards.

Moreover, statistics Malaysia also stated that the authorities will provide an Invitation Code to the public as soon as possible. After that, the public can check whether they have obtained the Invitation Code through Spam or Junk Mail in Email.

eCensus log in page

Besides, Malaysian people can seek assistance through the hotline of the Bureau of Statistics. Furthermore, Malaysian people also can seek for other official platforms to ensure the smooth completion of online reporting.

Defense Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabiri pointed out that the Bureau of Statistics conducted the census in two stages. The first stage was an online census, but only 1.5 million people completed the questionnaire. The second stage was from October 7th to October 7th. Face-to-face census on the 24th.

Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabir said that despite this, the government has also established strict standard operating procedures (SOP). This including enumerators must wear masks, bring hand rub, keep their distance, and not accept hospitality to eat together.

Steps to fill out the census questionnaire online

  1. After receiving the invitation code, browse to
  2. Enter the name, email, mobile number, and invitation code, and then click        Daftar.
  3. Then complete the questionnaire according to the instructions.


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  1. 2nd phase of census rescheduled to next year amid Covid-19 spike


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