Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2021

Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2021

While some people work for their passion in a certain field, most of us work in the hope of earning more money. However, due to economic struggles from the pandemic, it is definitely not an easy task to find one with high pay. However, it is definitely possible to gain experience and work towards your dream job. Here are the highest paying jobs in Malaysia in 2021.

Highest paying jobs in Malaysia 2021

Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2021: Director of sales/marketing

1. Director of Sales and Director of Marketing

Sales and marketing are two distinct functions, but they work very closely together. As the consumer preferences shift, it’s not enough for companies to keep doing the same thing that they have done for years. Therefore, it’s important to talented, innovative, forward-thinking professionals into these 2 pivotal roles in order to maintain market share and grow within the industry. As such, a Director of Sales or Marketing in Malaysia can command a salary of anywhere from RM 420,000 to RM 500,000.

2. Senior Product Manager

As the technology industry grows globally, the role of product manager becomes essential to getting new products to market in an effective way. The key role that this professional plays in the success of new projects is huge. Therefore, a Senior Product Manager can make up to RM 300,000 for their work.

Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2021: Roles within the c-suite

3. Roles within the C-suite: CEO, CFO, COO

Unsurprisingly, jobs within the C-suite command the highest salaries, with Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operations Officers and other c-suite roles commanding the most across industries and functions. As the top stakeholder for their function, with high levels of responsibility, complex teams and in some cases, management across multiple countries, those in the C-suite report salaries of up to RM 600,000.

4. Managing Director

The role of a Managing Director has some variety in terms of responsibilities. This depends on the industry and complexity of the organization, but no matter the variation, it’s a well-paid position. Managing Directors, particularly in the Engineering and Manufacturing industry, can expect to make up to RM 600,000 as they are senior members of the leadership team in any organization and manage complex decisions about the direction of the company.

5. Head of Shared Services Centre

Malaysia is an attractive country within APAC for many companies to place their Shared Services Centre (SSC), especially if they focus operations within South East Asia. It is a key role that must manage all support services, which usually includes Finance, Admin, Procurement, Legal, HR, and Marketing. Professionals that reach this level can expect to make up to RM 720,000.

Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2021: Quality director

6. Quality Director

With a robust engineering and manufacturing industry, professionals within quality assurance are in high demand. Therefore, an experienced, knowledgeable Quality Director can expect to make up to RM 360,000. However, this is depending on the industry and the company itself.

7. Head of Corporate Banking

As the professional in charge of corporate banking and investments, the Head of Corporate Banking can command a salary of up to RM 600,000 for the work they do. Therefore, as a key role for growth, professionals in this role are essential to success.

8. Engineering Director (Healthcare)

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are booming in Malaysia. Therefore, professionals of all functions within these industries are in high demand. They have high salary offers to go along with that demand. Among the highest we found was for Engineering Directors within Healthcare, who can expect to make up to RM 400,000.

Finance director

9. Finance Director/Head of Finance

The finance sector in Malaysia is growing, particularly in the areas of Fintech and Investments. This ensures that the Finance Director or Head of Finance for any organization is key to moving the organization forward. Professionals that reach this level can expect to make up to RM 500,000.

10. Head of Operations/Operations Director

Responsible for the overall direction, growth, and coordination between key departments within an organization, the Head of Operations or Operations Director is an important one. Especially when it comes to profitability and function within an organization. Professionals in this job can make a salary of up to RM 360,000.

Key takeaways

While these highest paying jobs in Malaysia may seem extremely attractive to get, it definitely requires tons of experience and knowledge. Therefore, it is important to keep improving in all aspects to even manage to have a chance of landing an opportunity. In case you want to find such open positions, JobStreet is the best place for you!


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