Healthiness: How often you should run?

Healthiness: How often you should run?

Healthiness: Running can be a healthy and budget exercise. It can be a routine to improve fitness and give happiness.

However, there are risks of running every day. Here is the thing you need to know about how often you should run.

Healthiness-Avoid running every day

This is because applying the force to the same muscles and tissues constantly will over train the body.

Keeping  the tissue fresh and not have the same stress and the same load applied in a consistent manner all the time

Running every day can increase the risk of overuse injuries. Overuse injuries are stress injuries in muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as stress fractures.

Healthiness-How often you should run

Three and five days a week is good for your health.

Besides that, it can also reduce your health risks in cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and some cancers. Furthermore, it also increases stamina and decreases fatigue, as well as strengthen your muscles.

Healthiness: How often you should run?

Three and five days a week is good for your health.

Healthiness-Signs to take a rest

Rest days are important to give your body time to recover. According to Laskowski, signs you need a rest day include:

  • Persistent soreness: There is general muscle soreness that comes from running, especially when you first start out, but if the soreness continues longer than 72 hours, it means your muscles are not recovering and your body needs more time to heal.
  • Swelling: If the soreness worsens along with swelling in a joint or a muscle, your body might be injured.
  • Compensation: If your soreness is causing you to compensate, such as limping or having to move differently because of pain.


Running is a beneficial activity to do frequently, but running every day can increase your risk of injuries like stress fractures and shin splints.

In fact, practice to run three to five days a week and incorporate rest days and cross-training like biking or swimming.

This is because it can not only reduce the chance of running-related injuries but also increases your overall productivity and fitness.


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Running every day may be bad for you — here’s how often you should run each week to stay healthy



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