Health tip: Low calorie Malaysian food

how to eat low calorie malaysian food

Malaysia is the country in entire Southeast Asia that has the highest obesity rate. At least 64% of the entire country’s population is either overweight or obese. This has mainly to do with the food Malaysians like to eat and eat often.

You definitely do not need to go on a salad heist or permanently exterminating delicious Malaysian food from your diet. You can continue to enjoy traditional Malaysian food by switching up things a little bit. Here are some tips that can make a whole world of difference.

Change the roti of the canai

We Malaysians all love roti canai. I mean, what is better than oily flatbread dipped in dhal and sambal? Unfortunately, a piece of roti canai can easily rack up 300 calories, and that is before being dipped in curry. An easy way you can remove the unwanted calories is by replacing roti canai with chapati or thosai. Both of the alternatives are tons healthier and have way lesser calories. Not lathering the chapati in oil is the reason why it has much lesser calories. Similar applies to thosai.

Nasi tak mau Lemak

Ah, the Malaysian favourite, Nasi Lemak. The staple food that every Malaysian can eat for every meal from breakfast to supper. However, it is laden in tons of calories especially from the rice that is cooked in coconut milk. When you order nasi lemak, ask for plain rice and the calories will go down by a lot. If you want to cut down even more calories, try to minimize sambal intake too.

Change the way you teh

What is a traditional Malaysian meal without teh tarik? Teh tarik is pulled red tea mixed with a lot of sweet condensed milk. It contains lots of sugar and lots of unwanted calories. Each cup can easily set you back 124 calories. To switch things up, you can order Teh ‘o’ kosong which is plain red tea without the sugar and condensed milk.

Dont char your kuey teow

Easily the most famous noodle dish in the whole of Malaysia, Char Kuey Teow is kuey teow noodles stir-fried in a wok with tons of black sauce and toppings. Unfortunately, they contain lots of oil and therefore are high in calories. Each plate will set you back 500 or more calories depending on the toppings. One way to savour your kuey teow without the extra calories is by ordering it with soup. Kuey teow th’ng is the soup dish with kuey teow in it and has much lesser calories.

key takeaways

Eating healthier is not always as hard as you think. By just switching up the ways you eat your food, you will be good to go.


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