Health Knowledge: Side cramps prevention

Health Knowledge: Side cramps prevention

Health Knowledge: There was a feeling of pain around your abdomen during a run. If so, you’ve experienced a side stitch. Side stitches can happen due to  dehydration or overexercise,

Here’s what causes side cramps and tips to prevent them.

Health Knowledge-What are side cramps?

A condition where acute cramping or pain in the abdominal area when doing physical activity, such as running or swimming.

This is due to improper training, dehydration, incorrect breathing, weak core or pelvic floor muscles, or eating too much before physical activity.

Health Knowledge-Reason for side cramps?

There are many reasons you experience side stitches such as poor posture and weak core muscles.

Muscles in the core or pelvic floor area are weak, it cannot stabilize against the increased movement of the body.

Consequently, it probably affects the body’s ability to use oxygen and expel carbon dioxide efficiently.

Eating a big meal or being dehydrated. Eating a heavy meal within a couple of hours before working out can lead to additional cramps and side stitches,

OverexertionPushing yourself too hard without warming up or strengthening your muscles can also lead to side stitches.

Health Knowledge: Side cramps prevention

Avoiding large, heavy meals that are full of fatty or fried food before physical activity to help reduce stitches.

Tips to prevent side cramps
Warm-up is necessary. It can assist in adjusting the muscle to a suitable condition to exercise.

Besides, increase the movement slowly is the tip to prevent cramps. Slowly increase the level of exertion can give your body time to adjust and lower your risk of pain.

Furthermore, controlling breathing is crucial. For example, learning how to breathe correctly through the belly and not relying on accessory breathing muscles.

Last but not least, eating a light meal and stay hydrated also helps in reducing stitches.

Avoiding large, heavy meals that are full of fatty or fried food before physical activity. In contrast, eating less oily food and easy to get digest is good to reduce stitches.

In fact,  drink water during and after your workout is also important too.


Side stitches are common amongst runners and there are many factors cause it.

To prevent them, warming up and control breathing is important. Besides, eating healthy is also a key to avoid the issue.

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5 ways to prevent side stitches and cramps when running, according to physical therapists


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