Health benefits of green tea that you might not know


Green tea is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. In fact, green tea has many health benefits for those who drink it regularly.  Here are the benefits of green tea.

Improve brain health

One of the main ingredients in green tea is caffeine. Caffeine can block adenosine, which controls when you feel sleepy. Blocking of adenosine can prevent drowsiness.

Green tea also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which reduce stress and boost your mood.

The combination of caffeine and L-theanine improves brain function by strengthening working attention and focus.

Green tea was found high in antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation.

Lower Cholesterol

Catechin is a major component of green tea. Catechins are natural antioxidants that have antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hypertensive effects. They lower cholesterol levels by decreasing the absorption of cholesterol into the body.

The research found that drinking an average of two cups of green tea per day for 10 years resulted in significant reductions in LDL cholesterol levels.

LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol because it can form plaque in your arteries and hence increase the difficulties of blood flow.

Improve bone health

Osteoporosis, a disease in which make bones weaker and more prone to fractures. Green tea can help with bone health. This is because it can strengthen bone formation and prevent the breakdown of bone tissue.

Beneficial to skin

Green tea contains a micronutrient called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that may be responsible for green tea’s skin repair properties. It can prevent wrinkle formation. in the skin.

Besides, green tea also has catechin, a polyphenol in green tea also helps to soothe inflamed skin when used topically.


Green tea has a lot of benefits. It also comes in different forms. It is better to drink in the plain form so that it can maximize the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.



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5 benefits of green tea and how it can help your memory, skin, and bones


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