Hannah Yeoh Urged MKN To Finalize SOP

Hannah Yeoh urged MKN to finalize SOP.
Segambut MP said better not to have daily press conference if nothing important.
Segambut MP urged National Security Council (MKN) to coordinate and finalize SOP of the recent CMCO before making any major announcement.

Confusing Work-From-Home Policy

Hannah Yeoh’s statement comes after the announcement of Senior Minister of Defence, Ismail Sabri.

The workers involved in management and supervision in states under CMCO will be instructed to work from home. As a result, this policy is to reduce the number of workers at premises according to Ismail.

However, in the span of only three days, the MKN has made numerous amendments to the Work From Home policy. This has created widespread confusion among the business firms who said the announcement made preparations complicated and expensive.

CMCO in Selangor

Last Monday (Oct 12), Ismail Sabri announced that CMCO will be enforced in Selangor, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur beginning 14 October until 27 October. However, the detailed guidelines and the SOPs of the CMCO released by the MKN created confusion among the people in those areas.

The Segambut MP said government’s announcement on the work from home order for almost one million workers was too general and unclear. This has caused uncertainty in the business community as well as those with families.

She then challenged such confusing and ambiguous SOPs might cost firms potential business opportunities. Besides, it also increased the difficulty for enforcement authorities to implement the rules on the ground, leading to inconsistency.

Hannah Yeoh's twitter post

Hannah Yeoh urged MKN to finalize SOP

Unnecessary Announcements Create More Confusion

“I urge the government to clarify the confusion swiftly and ensure that a penalty is not imposed on those who are confused by the SOPs announced by both senior ministers, Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Mohamed Azmin Ali.” Hannah Yeoh said.

“I want to remind the ministers that their honeymoon period is over. They should start to coordinate with each other before a decision is announced because the movement control order is no longer a new thing,” She stressed.

Hannah also said it would be better not to have any daily briefing if there is nothing substantial to announce. She explained further that Ismail’s briefings only left people more confused due to some unnecessary announcements.

Ismail Sabri

Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob spoke at a press conference on the development of the RMCO at Wisma Pertahanan Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) today.
 Credits: BERNAMA (2020)

Free To Criticize But Focus On Covid-19

Ismail Sabri responded to the criticism of Hannah Yeoh in his daily press conference on Thursday (Oct 22).

He mentioned that his daily press conference regarding the CMCO is crucial. This is to assure the public about the government’s enforcement of Covid-19 measures to curb the contagion.

“She is an opposition member, so of course she would criticize,” the Defence Minister said.

“I have to brief the public daily because if I don’t, then how would they feel safe? They need to know if the government is ensuring all measures against the pandemic is in place,” he then added in his press conference.

Ismail had called on the public and political parties to unite in the fight against our common enemy Covid-19 pandemic. He then said he will continue to have a daily briefing to address the measures taken on non-health matters regarding Covid-19.


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