Going virtual: A new adaption for tourism


Covid-19 has brought an unprecedented blow to many sectors. One of the sectors worst hit by this pandemic is tourism. This happened as governments have imposed restrictions order upon travellers. Therefore, many are turning to technology or going virtual to solve this problem.

Impacts of Covid-19 towards tourism in Singapore

Tourism is a major contributor to Singapore’s economy. Due to the pandemic, Singapore needs to shut its border to short-term travellers since late March. This has had a significant impact on tourism numbers – in June, Singapore received just 2,170 visitors far lesser compared to 1.55 million tourist arrivals in the year 2019. To adapt to the new normal, companies have to spin off new revenue models.

Making use of data

The Singapore Tourism Board is cooperating with Adobe to make this digital transformation in Singapore a success. Through data analytic, they will provide companies with insights and create bespoke experiences in different fields. The Singapore Tourism Board aims to provide a seamless and personalized experience for travellers who reach Singapore.

Examples of organization going virtual

Wildlife Reserves Singapore is going virtual by launching a customized virtual experience named Hello From The Wild Side. During the program, visitors get to choose the animals and can have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at it. They also have the opportunity to chat with the animal’s keeper and widen their knowledge of the animals.

According to Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s deputy CEO, they are planning to continue this virtual program even though the zoo is allowed to reopen in July due to the great response from the public.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore(WRS) also created another program-brought the animals to the students online. It is like a home-based learning program. WRS is planning to expand this school program to other countries like India or China. With this program, people from countries around the world can reach out to the animals in Singapore without travelling there.

Meanwhile, Zouk also started going virtual during this pandemic. Zouk has created a new trend called cloud clubbing, which works with live-streaming their DJs’ sets. Activities including fitness and yoga sessions, cocktail making classes, and interview with DJ are also added into the program. However, they have to prepare to face challenges such as having new audiences as well as the expansion of brand offerings and identities.


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Going virtual: COVID-19 pushes tourism players, visitors to adapt to a new reality

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  1. […] Going virtual: A new adaption for tourism […]

  2. […] Going virtual: A new adaption for tourism […]

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