Global technology: Whatsapp’s new policy

Global technology: Whatsapp new policy

Global technology: After a change to its terms of service sparked privacy concerns among users, WhatsApp on Monday clarified that its new policy doesn’t affect the privacy of people’s messages with friends or family.

Collect Personal Data

This messenger app, which focuses on privacy settings before. However, it will next month force its users to agree on the policy.

In which by letting  Facebook and its subsidiaries collect their personal data on WhatsApp.It also including phone numbers and locations.

Kicked off the app

If users don’t accept the new terms and conditions by February 8, they will be kicked off the app. It does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family in any way.

Should WhatsApp users really worry about new privacy changes?

WhatsApp will not be sharing any content of messages because they are decrypted.

However, the app will be able to access the metadata. For example, who messages whom, when, and from where.

Users will stick with WhatsApp

There is a large enough cadre of WhatsApp users that one is probably going to have to continue to use it.

Besides that, they will accept the social contract with Facebook. This is due to they can use the platform conveniently. As long as they share data in return for it being free.

Furthermore, WhatsApp’s also promises of only letting the policy affect messages sent to business accounts.

The signal-alternate messenger

Both Boiten and Woodward recommend users switch to safer, alternative messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

This is because the app is run by a nonprofit organization. The source code is publicly available for people to examine.

Global technology: Whatsapp new policy

Both Boiten and Woodward recommend users switch to safer, alternative messaging apps which are SIgnal.


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WhatsApp says you shouldn’t worry about it sharing personal data with Facebook. Experts say you should switch to ‘highly trusted’ Signal.




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