Get to Know Uncle Roger – Malaysian Stand-Up Comedian


Get to Know Uncle Roger

Nigel Ng, a Malaysian comedian based in the UK. The persona run behind the stage of Uncle Roger.

According to Vulcan Post, his move to the US to study engineering at Northwestern University in Illinois.

That was where he began doing stand up comedy as a hobby. He then relocated to London shortly after to work as a data scientist.

During an interview with South China Morning Post (SCMP), he said that comedy became his full-time job by 2019.

He was performing on television and had been nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival in Scotland.

Nigel performing at a comedy show / Image Credit: Nigel Ng

On top of that, he also produces content for YouTube and Instagram.

As his jokes heavily centre around Asian culture, he has to work on jokes resonating with western cultures.

“My humour uses Asian culture as subject material, but my experience on the standup circuit in the US and UK has helped me gain the skills of making my comedy accessible to everyone,” he said.

On His Way To Become A Superstar

More than 12 million YouTube views is a surprising number.

Ng, 29, appears in the video as Uncle Roger, his outraged and outrageously funny alter ego. He offers a blow-by-blow commentary on a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) video guide to preparing egg fried rice. The unfortunate chef, Hersha Patel, is mocked with a variety of exclamations and gestures that range from disapproval to disbelief.

Patel’s culinary crimes include: measuring the water with a “British” teacup instead of her finger; failing to wash the rice and – worst of all; draining the cooked rice with a colander. Cue the meme-busting cry: “You killing me woman! She’s draining rice with a colander!”

While the current state of the world means Ng can focus on building an online following, he says he misses being on-stage doing stand-up. He hopes to one day take Uncle Roger on the road and is even angling for a big-screen role that could reunite him with fellow funnyman Ken Jeong, for whom he opened up in the U.K. last year.

Uncle Roger’s Asian uncle makeover

Uncle Roger character displays a very typical Asian man middle-age look. In one of his recent videos, he attempted to be altered by Ling.KT a makeup artist and content creator. That’s a lot of people were excited to see.

Image source: Uncle Roger’s Instagram

Being widely popular known for his old-style orange polo and typical tuck in, phone case on the belt, tuck in, and the typical pants.

What Ling KT attempted to do is to upgrade Uncle Roger’s looks by making him change his typical polo for a Lacoste polo of the same colour but a bit shinny and appealed. Paired with the Lacoste logo was a pair of ripped skinny jeans which while some argued that it was adorable, others argued that it did not fit the outfit at all.

Besides, the next outfit that uncle roger put on was a black sweatshirt. Along with some blinks on his neck. To retained his hallmark style, he put on an orange-pant but made it look much more different. This outfit was also paired with a pair of orange shades.

Lastly, Uncle Roger put on was an orange coat along with orange pants and a Gucci shirt. To make it outstanding, Uncle Roger left out the inner shirt to his coat making niece Ling KT leave the room.


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