Genting’s chief director’s salary


The total board Genting’s chief director’s salary, mainboard consumer stock) was still the highest. Among locally listed companies last year, Genting’s chief director’s salary reaching 172.24 million Ringgit.

The total board remuneration of my country’s top 100 listed companies fell 11.7% year-on-year last year. The board of directors of Genting (GENTING, 3182, mainboard consumption) still topped the list with 172.24 million Ringgit.

Genting is a listed company with a total salary of over 100 million yuan. Furthermore, the gap with the company with the lowest total salary is as high as 343.5 times.

At the same time, Genting Malaysia (GENM, 4715, mainboard consumer stock) closely followed, with a total salary of 77.8 million Ringgit. They also followed with a total salary of 76.09 million Ringgit respectively last year. Moreover  YTL Institution (YTL, 4677, mainboard utility stock) also closely followed, with a total salary of 77.8 million Ringgit and 76.09 million Ringgit respectively last year.

YTL Institution

The total compensation is followed by Genting Malaysia (RM77.8 million), YTL Institution (RM76.09 million), IHH Healthcare (RM63.03 million) and Public Bank (RM62.77 million).

The SFC’s online report pointed out that among the FTSE 100 index stocks in Malaysia, the top 10 companies with the highest board salary have a total salary of between RM172.24 million and RM23.7 million.

The 10 companies with the lowest total salaries ranged from RM500,000 to RM1.5 million.

In other words, the difference between the highest total board salary (RM172.24 million) and the lowest total board salary (RMB 500,000) is 343.5 times.

On the whole, the total remuneration of the board of directors in my country still fell 11.7% year-on-year to RM1.342 billion last year, compared with RM1.519 billion in 2018.

Genting Chief Director Salary

The SFC explained that the total remuneration of the board of directors declined last year. Mainly because the total remuneration of executive directors fell by 14.5% to RM1.119 billion last year. In other compared with RM1.39 billion in 2018.

Genting Malaysia

In addition, from the perspective of the total remuneration of non-executive directors, 60% of the highest remuneration are government-linked enterprises, with an average total remuneration of up to RM8.9 million. Among them, the company with the highest total salary even reached RM20 million.

The remuneration of the board of directors of listed companies is closely related to the performance of the board of directors. In addition, it is also the driving force for the continuous improvement of the board of directors.

“But we cannot judge the company’s performance-based solely on the increase or decrease in total compensation. After all, a soundboard of directors’ compensation policy is the most important driving force for the performance of directors.”

The China Securities Regulatory Commission predicts that the global economy will tend to weaken. As the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to rage. So that the board compensation is to continue to fall.

In terms of field, the highest average board salary is in the industrial field. With 11 million Ringgit, and the lowest is in the logistics field with an average value of 4.2 million Ringgit.

Compared with the year before, the total salary of the board of directors of 52 companies increased last year. Moreover, 46 companies decreased.


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  1. Genting Group reveals US$351 million loss in 2Q20



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